His interest in chronic pain has lead him  to post-graduate training in biodynamic osteopathy in the cranial field. Our qualified osteopaths aim to provide a service that optimises you and your family’s health, understands your pain, and gets you moving and feeling better. Understanding that everyone is unique and complex, she carefully considers every individual’s circumstances before treating and relieving both the cause and symptoms of their condition.

Brayden employs a structural approach to osteopathic treatment, using direct techniques such as soft tissue release, muscle energy technique, joint articulation and manipulation. He uses a wide variety of techniques including massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation and trigger-point dry needling. Roz uses a combination of hands-on and gentle techniques that include muscle energy technique (met), joint articulation, joint manipulation, soft tissue massage, myofascial techniques, cranial osteopathy and more. Kristi is an experienced naturopath and hypnotherapist who trained in victoria and operates virtually australia-wide. Offering treatment packages to address anxiety, chronic pain, food cravings, digestive conditions, and more, kristi is passionate about helping clients to live happier, healthier lives.

A notable fact with their representatives is that they each fill a specific need to handle many clients. These include expertise in treatments for children, athletes, the elderly, and workers. They can collaborate with you to create treatment plans that match your body issues and current lifestyle. In 2015, she travelled to new zealand with the usa national women’s cycling team for the tour of new zealand. The experience anna gained while working with elite cyclists was invaluable, and she enjoys applying this knowledge to her patients in adelaide. As a triathlete and cyclist, anna also has a strong interest in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

She aims to find a clear diagnosis, give you clarity about your injury and what you can do to help yourself. Jess will provide a holistic management plan to support your body’s inherent healing capacity. If appropriate, an osteopathic treatment will take place addressing the findings during examination. Using gentle, hands on techniques to best achieve ease in mobility, decrease in pain and strength where needed. She is passionate about her work and the treatment of people from all walks of life, with an interest in aged care, chronic pain management, migraines/headaches and sporting injuries. He enjoys treating people of all ages with a special interest in acute injuries, sports injuries and postural and neck related complaints.

A swimmer and water polo player, he is interested in analysing biomechanics and helping people perform Best Osteopath at their best. Southside clinic is proud to offer treatments in osteopathy and physiotherapy. Our osteopaths and remedial massage are qualified to perform myofascial cupping and will often use it as part of a treatment. Lead osteopathy is a family-friendly clinic passionate about bringing allied health care to the adelaide hills and surrounds. Dr olivia schnickel is an osteopath with a longstanding passion for health and a desire to empower people to lead healthier and happier lives. A born and bred south australian, olivia completed her studies at rmit university in melbourne before returning to her home state of south australia.