JK Tyre & Industries Ltd. (JK TI) is the largest producer of tyres in. JK TI is the sole distributor of the well known brands of tyre products in India such as VICTOR, TROPHY, LANCIA, BULL, NAYSAL, NILO and BOND, as well as the famous “JK TYRE” and “TROPHY” brand of Tyres.

What is JK Tyre? JK Tyre was formed in 1982 as a group company with an aim to set up manufacturing facilities in India.

The company set up its first manufacturing plant in 1982 at Delhi, which was later relocated to Moradabad and established as the present day manufacturing plant.

In 1986, JK Tyre ventured into the international market and started exporting.

With the opening of new facilities,  Jk Tyre Franchise became the leading player in the Indian tyre industry.

JK Tyre and Industries is the leading tyre manufacturer in, which was established by Jagdish K. Tyre & Industries Limited (JKTI) in 1945. JKTI is the oldest company engaged in manufacturing and marketing tyres in India. It has emerged as one of the top 10 tyre companies in.

The JKTyre Company owns the “JK Tire” and “Vikrant” brand of tyres. Its business activities include manufacturing and marketing of road and industrial tyres, as well as components such as belts and banded steel wheels for trucks and buses, rubber belts, and industrial products.

The company is headquartered at Jalna, near Pune. The company manufactures about 500 million tyres a year and exports them to more than 40 countries. The company is ranked number five in thetyre market.