Palisade Fencing is a great solution for locations and properties that needs that extra level of security. This permanent security fencing system offers great strength and lasts the test of time. Palisade is perhaps the more traditional form of security fencing used. 

By installing a steel Palisade Security Fencing system around the perimeter of a site or property the premises can be kept secure at all times as its robust construction and intimidating appearance works as an effective intrusion and theft deterrent. 

Palisade Fencing also functions as effective boundary fencing and this can be enhanced through the addition of a polyester powder coated finish in many colours of choice.

Providing much needed security and protection in a wide range of outdoor locations, Palisade Security Fencing can be erected on hard ground like concrete by using steel Bolt Down Posts, or on softer ground like grass, where Dig-In Posts are set within the ground. 

Palisade Fencing is designed for a more permanent installation and can also be installed on both level ground and sloping ground which has a gradient no greater than 30 degrees; as it can be assembled to run parallel to the ground without the need for stepping making it much more appealing to the eye.

You will often see it in a variety of private, public and commercial places. Examples of where Palisade Fencing is used include:

1. Industrial sites

2. Schools & Centres

3. Businesses that have large amounts of stock

4. Commercial establishments

5. Water treatment plants and power stations

6. Bus and railway stations

7. General fencing for establishing boundaries

Palisade Fencing can also be adapted to meet site access requirements and we offer a range of pedestrian and vehicle access gates in heights from 1.8m to 3.0m and in widths ranging from 1.2m to 10.0m.

Adding a Palisade Security Gate within your Palisade Fencing system will provide a controllable access point that can be locked to ensure security is maintained at all times.

All Palisade Security Fencing and Palisade Gates are made from cold-rolled steel and are galvanised with a protective zinc coating to help prevent rust over time. This galvanised finish meets the BS EN ISO 1461:2009 standard.

Security Fencing at its Best

There are several features of steel Palisade Security Fencing that make it such an effective security fencing system. Palisade Fencing is manufactured using a cold rolling process and whilst this makes the steel lighter in weight than other metals, it does not compromise its strength in any way. Cold rolling involves steel being passed through a number of rollers at room temperature, where the steel is manipulated gradually until its shape is formed, so no heat is required for this manufacturing process. The steel is also galvanised to protect the Palisade Fencing against rust and the addition of polyester powder coating will also increase the resilience of the steel, as well as giving it a brighter look.

Our Palisade Fencing is supplied with ‘w’ section steel pales which means that they have a thinner middle section, with thicker edges that curve inwards. The ‘w’ shape profile of these Palisade Pales ultimately provides the Palisade Fencing with greater strength and stability, as well as making them difficult to grip or climb. The Palisade Security Fencing is supplied with triple pointed steel pales as standard, however, we also offer single-pointed pales, plus round and notched pales. These steel Palisade pales are what makes Palisade Fencing such as recognisable security fencing system.

Steel Palisade Fencing also features two steel rails within its construction – a top rail and a bottom rail. The top Palisade Rail also has small barbs along the top, which helps to deter intruders from climbing over the fencing structure.

Palisade Fencing also requires anti-tamper fixings which are designed specifically for Palisade Fencing. Offering a secure connection, the bolt will fit tightly within the bolthole where the top section of the nut will snap off. Therefore, the bolts cannot be tampered with or removed once the Palisade Fencing has been installed.

With a stylish design and rigid construction, our mesh fencing is an extremely reliable security fencing system, most commonly used to protect many industrial sites, schools, sports stadiums, airports and commercial buildings and properties throughout the UK. 

The Secure Fencing Company’s security mesh fencing is made from very high-quality steel which is galvanised with a zinc coating to help prevent any rust. As standard, mesh fencing is powder-coated to provide it with increased resilience to damage and weathering, as well as a much more aesthetically pleasing look.

We have a wide variety of security mesh fencing options for you to choose from, each with its own look and benefits. Feel free to ask us about our mesh fencing options, or find out more information below.

Twin Mesh Security Fencing

Our twin mesh fencing is available in two varieties: 656 and 868. This simply just refers to the diameters of the mesh wires within the installed fencing panels. Being made from pre-galvanised and powder-coated steel, twin mesh fencing is an ideal choice for public areas, commercial buildings, and industrial sites that require a robust and long-lasting security fencing system.

The 868 twin wire mesh fencing is the more heavy-duty of the two types. It comprises of two horizontal 8mm thick steel wires that encompass 6mm thick vertical wires to make up the mesh pattern it’s known for. This makes an exceptionally strong mesh style panel that is very resilient too many different forms of attack and is exceptionally difficult to cut through for added security.

Our 656 twin mesh security fencing is still excellent at combating vandalism and theft, whilst being perfect for use near children and young adults, keeping them safe.

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