The test for citizenship is a required step in the naturalization process. All aspiring US citizenship applicants, with the exception of some, must pass the test for citizenship before taking the Oath of Allegiance and officially become US citizens.To take the US citizenship test one must have proper knowledge of the US history and basic knowledge on English. canada citizenship by investment The US citizenship test acts as a stairway for an applicant in becoming a citizen of the United States.All applicants can take the redesigned naturalization test held under the aegis of the USCIS in getting their US citizenship. This test comprises of questions that focuses on the civics,the US government and the basic citizens rights.

Basically this test contains of around 100 questions which will test them about their knowledge of the country. As an applicant one is required to obtain not less than 60% to clear the test. An applicant can take the test two times and in case the applicant is not able to clear the exam for the second time he/she has to undergo the entire process of filing the application again.

As an applicant lets check how you can prepare yourself: It is no secret that all potential citizens dread taking the citizenship test and interview. Not many realize that they need not be an expert and to know every important historical event and date that ever happened in the United States. What the USCIS looks into is that if you understand and appreciate what it means to be an American. For this as an applicant you must know the important principles that make up the government's foundation, and show a reasonable understanding of the history that made the founding fathers of the United States to structure the government as you see it today.

As an applicant you should take time to study properly for the citizenship test. Brief yourself of the things that you need to study during the immigration process. It would be advisable to find someone who can help you study. For example you can take the services of an American citizen who knows the history well. Test yourself continuously with all the details until you feel assured in taking the test and remember that this test is not meant to be difficult but to let you know what it takes to be an American Citizen.

You can obtain study materials related to test for citizenship so as to be adequately prepared to answer the questions correctly. The USCIS website contains links where you can download flash cards and sample questions. The USCIS can send orders directly to you via snail mail.When it is time to take up the test show up early and appear as professional as possible just to create a good impression. Throw in that bit of effort to learn the English language before taking the test. Do not create the impression that you are nervous and if for some reason you did not fare well, remember you will always be given another chance to take it.Being prepared in taking the test for citizenship will help you pass the test and become a US citizen.