China Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Our History When I first saw the artistic stand up paddle board glide gracefully past my eyes on English Bay Beach in Vancouver 2008th, I was struck by how relaxing exercise can be, I've been fascinated with paddle boarding ever since. An opportunity in 2010th, led me to be hired by a well known brand of stand up paddle boards company, which made me know more about stand up paddle boards, finally in 2013th, I began to run my own paddle board manufacturing factory (Haiyan Baolong Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd) and set up a team, in the beginning we produced EPS with epoxy resin boards and OEM for some brands. 2015th, in order to serve customers and enrich the product line, we opened up an inflatable SUP boards production line. With the development of science and technology innovative traditional products can no longer meet the daily needs of customers, from 2017-2019th we researched, developed and tested a number of SUP power systems and thrusters, finally, at the beginning of 2019th we successfully developed a stable performance, simple to use, lightweight and portable, convenient to install, Safe and environmentally friendly plug-in electric integrated thruster and paddle board were launched on the market, and for them to apply for a patent and brand. In the future, we will make more efforts to provide customers with high quality, the most advanced and affordable products to serve each of our BAOLONG customers. Our Factory Our company is located in the beautiful coastal city of Jiaxing in east China, less than 100km drive distance enables us to drive to Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou and Suzhou in less than one hour, which are the center of 4 cities. Adjacent to Ningbo, Shanghai and Zhapu 3 ocean ports make our logistics and transportation extremely convenient and fast. From 2013 to 2022th let us grow from a small OEM factory with 19workers to a private brand company with a team of more than 100 employees integrating research and development, design and production, sales. Our Product Our company mainly engaged in: design, development, testing, production, manufacturing, sales electric inflatable stand up paddle board, electric epoxy stand up paddle board, power raft, jet board, integrated thruster. OEM: inflatable paddle board, double chamber inflatable board, inflatable raft, inflatable platform, surf board, epoxy stand up paddle board鈥f water sports leisure entertainment products and accessories etc related products Product Application Our products are suitable for water leisure, water entertainment, water sports, water race, water travel water rescue and water fishing, It is also a means of transport for island dwellers. Production Equipment EPS cut machine, AKU shaper machine, carve machine, XLV, CNC cutting bed, UV printing machine, Drop stitch fabric stamping machine, PVC high frequency fusion machine, laminating machine, battery automatic welding machine, thruster test platform, motor assembly platform Production Market At present our annual sales volume of 30,000pc boards, the main sales markets are in North America and the whole Europe and Australia, we are trying to layout the global promotion to every country in the world.China Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board website: