Aventurine has made its debut in Honkai: Star Rail 2.1, offering players a new and exciting gameplay experience. If you're seeking a reliable Aventurine build to enhance your performance and breeze through content, we've got you covered with valuable insights tailored for newer and mid-game players.

In the late game stages, it's advisable to shift focus away from defense (DEF) towards a more offensive approach to optimize your output and effectiveness, catering to the evolving challenges you'll face. This versatile build is crafted to be adaptable across various team compositions, not limited to just follow-up attack (FUA) teams.

Key Points for Aventurine Trace Prioritization in Honkai: Star Rail 2.1:

  • Prioritize leveling Aventurine's traces in the order of skill, talent, ultimate, and basic, to unleash the full potential of his abilities.
  • Swiftly unlock all bonus traces to maximize his kit's effectiveness. For beginners, aim to reach at least level 6 for both skill and talent before progressing to other traces.

Insights on Aventurine's Optimal Light Cones Selection:

  • Aventurine's exclusive light cone may not be essential for free-to-play players unless you have a strong affinity for the character and are committed to substantial investment in his development.
  • Opt for viable alternatives such as 4-star light cones or Gepard's 5-star signature light cone, which can sustain Aventurine effectively.
  • Despite this, Aventurine's light cone possesses debuff capabilities that can prove advantageous, particularly in synergy with Dr. Ratio teams for strategic benefits. Optimal Aventurine Build for Honkai: Star Rail 2.1

  • When it comes to light cone options, "Moment of Victory" is a top choice with its high base def value and increased def at superimposition 1. It also increases the chance of drawing aggro away from allies, making it a valuable asset.

  • For a free-to-play alternative, "Destiny's Thread Forewoven" from the light cone manifest shop in the parlor car of the Astral Express is an excellent option. It offers a 20% def increase and up to 48% increased damage, providing a balanced mix of defensive and offensive capabilities at no cost.

  • If you have Acheron, "Trend of the Universal Market" is a recommended pick, offering decent def and the ability to consistently apply a debuff. Even with fewer superimpositions, it remains a worthwhile choice. Other light cone options such as "Day One of My New Life" or "This Is Me!" also present great alternatives.

Best Relics

  • For the main set, the "Knight of Purity Palace" 4-piece set provides Aventurine with a 16% def boost and a 20% increase in shield. Alternatively, for those aiming to enhance his damage output, a combination of a 2-piece Knight set with a 2-piece Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters, Ashblazing Grand Duke, or Wastelander of Banditry can prove highly effective.

  • In addition to the main set, "Planar Ornaments" can greatly enhance Aventurine's capabilities when strategically incorporated into the build.For a supportive Aventurine build, the best choice is the Broken Keel stigmata set. It grants the entire party a 50% effect resistance, allowing Aventurine to activate the set bonus without relying on additional substats. Additionally, it enables other support characters in the team to easily use the Broken Keel set.

To enhance Aventurine's damage output, the Inert Salsotto stigmata is a great option as it provides free critical rate and boosts follow-up damage. For a more defensive approach, the Belobog of the Architects stigmata is also a viable choice.

Recommended stats for the Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 Aventurine build:

  • Aim for 4000 defense in the late game, but new or mid-game players should focus on increasing defense as much as possible. Aventurine's shields, damage, and critical rate passive all scale with defense, making it crucial to maximize this stat.

  • Since Aventurine's shields are generated from skills rather than ultimate abilities like Gepard, prioritize defense percentage main stats on all equipment slots (orb, stigmata, body, and boots) in the early game. As you progress into the late game, consider equipping a critical damage percentage body and aiming for critical rate percentage and critical damage percentage substats.

In the late game, prioritize the following approach to Aventurine's stats:

  • Reach 4000 defense to provide Aventurine with 48% free critical rate.

  • Considering Aventurine's base critical rate of 5%, this will bring the total critical rate to 53% (48% + 5%).

  • With a critical damage percentage body (62%) and Aventurine's base critical damage (50%), the resulting critical damage will be 112%.

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