Hypercharge Abilities in Brawl Stars

In Brawl Stars' season 20, a new game mechanic named hypercharge has been introduced. This innovative feature enhances a brawler's overall performance, including their HP, super, damage, and other attributes. Similar to a super move, hypercharge is activated by dealing damage or, in some cases, by taking damage to fill up a secondary bar for the new ability. This temporary boost provides players with an advantage over their opponents, allowing for strategic gameplay.

Brawlers currently have access to various hypercharge abilities in Brawl Stars, all of which can be obtained either through in-game events or by purchasing them from the shop. As of April 2024, the following hypercharge abilities are available:

  • Shelly: Double Barrel
  • Shelly's super is 33% larger
  • Speed +25%, damage +5%, +25% shield

  • Colt: Dual Wielding

  • Colt's super is 120% wider
  • Speed +26%, damage +25%, +5% shield

  • Spike: Blooming Season

Additionally, for those who missed the hypercharge unleashed event, Shelly's hypercharge bundle is also available for purchase in the shop, providing players with an opportunity to enhance their gameplay experience.- Spike's Super has been enhanced with a 20% larger area, making it more effective in crowd control situations.

  • Bull now possesses the "Jaws of Steel" ability, allowing him to take 80% less damage while using his Super, enhancing his survivability in the heat of battle.

  • Jacky's Super, "Seismic Event," now slows down nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds, providing her with greater control over the battlefield and disrupting enemy movements.

  • Pearl's Super, "Pyrolytic," leaves a burning area on the ground for a few seconds after use, adding a lingering hazard for opponents to contend with.

  • Jessie's turret has been upgraded to "Scrappy 2.0," boasting 50% more health and dealing 20% more damage, making it a more formidable presence on the battlefield.

  • Rosa's "Grasping Roots" ability slows down all nearby enemies while her Super is active, giving her greater crowd control capabilities and making it harder for opponents to escape her grasp.

  • Maisie's "Aftermath" Super now also shoots her basic attack projectiles around her in all directions, increasing her overall damage output and making her a more potent threat in combat.

  • Lou's Super, "Slushie Storm," instantly freezes enemies in the area, providing strong crowd control and setting up opportunities for allies to capitalize on the immobilized foes.

  • Colette's "Teen Spirit" ability allows her spirit to follow her during her dash, damaging enemies on the way and adding an extra layer of offensive capability to her mobility.- Charlie has the ability "Pestilence" which allows her to hatch three spiderlings dealing damage to enemies when she uses her super. She also gets stat buffs including a 30% increase in speed, 30% increase in damage, and a 10% increase in shield.

  • Dynamike's ability "Boomer" enables his super bomb to spawn smaller bombs. He gains a 25% increase in speed, 25% increase in damage, and a 5% increase in shield.

  • Edgar possesses the "Outburst" ability which grants him a boost in charging speed and reload speed for a few seconds after using his super. He gets a 15% increase in speed, 15% increase in damage, and a 24% increase in shield.

  • Fang's ability "Dragon Kick" allows him to charge through walls while dropping popcorn on the way. He receives a 25% increase in speed, 15% increase in damage, and a 15% increase in shield.

  • Leon's ability "Limbo" enables him to stay invisible while attacking enemies. He gains a 20% increase in speed, 25% increase in damage, and a 25% increase in shield.

  • Crow possesses the "Utility Knives" ability which makes his knives piercing and returning like a boomerang. He gets a 24% increase in speed, 25% increase in damage, and a 5% increase in shield.

  • Mico's ability "Sound Check" allows his super to stun enemies for 1.5 seconds after landing. He gains a 5% increase in speed, 25% increase in damage, and a 24% increase in shield.

  • Cordelius has the "Complete Darkness" ability which slows down his target when sending them to the shadow realm. He gets a 24% increase in speed, 25% increase in damage, and a 15% increase in shield.

  • Buzz possesses the "Buzzwatch" ability which allows his torpedo to be used again if he hits a wall.

Brawl Stars' Hypercharge Abilities

  • El Primo's Hypercharge ability, Gravity Leap, allows his super to pull all enemies around him, revealing invisible foes like Leon or foes in bushes.
  • Belle's Hypercharge ability, Magnetic, enables her super to curve towards the closest enemy with 2 additional tiles of range.
  • Sprout's Hypercharge ability, Thorns, allows his hedges to deal damage if opponents make contact with them.
  • Bibi's Hypercharge ability, Out of Bounds, causes her ball to split into two when making contact with the first enemy it hits.
  • Brock's Hypercharge ability, Rocket Barrage, enables him to fire a barrage of rockets in a targeted area all at once in four waves.
  • Sandy's Hypercharge ability, Swift Winds, grants him and his allies a 20% increased movement speed when inside the sandstorm and also silences enemies for 0.5 seconds when his super lands.
  • Nita's Hypercharge ability, Hyperbearing, causes Bruce to increase in size, receive a 15% increase in movement speed, and a 20% increase in health.
  • Max's Hypercharge ability, Unlimited Energy, provides unlimited energy for her attacks.- Max throws an energy drink to her teammates, granting them a 25% super charge and increasing their movement speed.
  • The drink also provides a 25% boost to speed, 25% increase in damage, and a 5% shield.
  • Tick's headstrong ability allows his deployed head to chase enemies faster and spawn six mines after exploding, while providing a 26% speed boost, 25% damage increase, and a 5% shield.
  • Gene's hyper hands ability splits his super into three different hands, capable of grabbing one enemy each. The first grab goes straight, while the other two move diagonally. This ability also grants a 26% speed boost, 25% damage increase, and a 5% shield.
  • To obtain hypercharge abilities in Brawl Stars, players can unlock them through various methods such as starr drops, shop deals, or direct purchase.
  • Hypercharge abilities can be purchased from the shop through collector sets, hyper deals, or other offers, requiring either gold or gems for purchase.
  • There is also a 16.3% chance of receiving a hypercharge ability via a legendary starr drop.
  • Additionally, players can acquire hypercharge abilities through hypercharge unleashed events, applicable only when the event is active.

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