Edgar, an epic rarity brawler in Brawl Stars, possesses a remarkable combination of high movement speed and the ability to inflict substantial damage. However, it's important to note that Edgar operates as a melee hero, distinguishing him from other brawlers who rely on ranged attacks.

When utilizing Edgar, it's crucial to recognize that his attacks lack significant range, necessitating close proximity to effectively eliminate adversaries. To optimize his performance, a specific build comprising gadgets and gears is recommended.

Here's the ultimate Edgar build for maximizing his potential in Brawl Stars:

  • Best Edgar Gadget: "Hardcore" - This gadget provides Edgar with 3300 shield points that gradually diminish over time, enhancing his survivability in combat.

  • Best Edgar Gears:

  • "Gadget Charge" - This gear enables Edgar to gain an additional damage charge, amplifying his offensive capabilities.
  • "Damage" - With this gear, Edgar secures a 15% damage boost when his health falls below 50%, ensuring formidable firepower during critical moments.

  • Best Edgar Star Power: "Fisticuffs" - By utilizing this star power, Edgar gains a 25% increase in healing upon successfully striking an enemy brawler, reinforcing his sustainability in battle.

In addition to the recommended build, it's essential to understand how to unlock Edgar in Brawl Stars, allowing players to fully capitalize on his potential in the game.The ideal build for Edgar in Brawl Stars involves the following components:

  • Star Power : Fisticuffs is the recommended star power for Edgar. It grants a 25% bonus healing whenever he attacks an enemy, offering valuable survivability during low-health scenarios.

  • Gadget : Hardcore is the gadget of choice for Edgar. It provides a 3300 shield, which proves essential when engaging in close combat with enemy brawlers. The shield helps mitigate incoming damage while Edgar delivers his strikes.

  • Gears : When it comes to gears, the following are considered best for Edgar:

  • Gadget Charge: Given the utility of Hardcore and its limited charges, the Gadget Charge gear is crucial as it allows an extra use of the gadget in critical moments.
  • Damage: As Edgar often operates in close range, the Damage gear is highly beneficial, offering a 15% damage bonus to aid in combat situations.

  • Hypercharge : Outburst is Edgar's preferred hypercharge. When activated, it doubles his super recharge rate and reload speed for 5 seconds. Additionally, it provides a 15% damage boost, 15% shield boost, and a 24% movement speed increase, amplifying his offensive and defensive capabilities during this period.

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