Joel is from Jamaica and has just completed his school and is now seeking admission to a language institute. He was asked to write an essay as a test for the institute. To his surprise, he failed the test and was asked to improve his essay writing skills. He thought about analyzing the reasons for his failure. In the following lines, we will take a look at the reasons why essay writing can be a problematic task.

Getting started

The first step to essay writing is to assess the available topics. It is easier when you have an open choice of topics. When the topic is unseen, it will be better to develop an outline before starting writing. An essay writing servicecan help you in getting a free outline for your essay. When the topic is chosen by you, it is necessary that the topic is properly introduced to the audience. It is also important that the writer develops an initial draft of the essay. Writing the final draft directly will result in many mistakes. Drafting a rough outline will help the writer in keeping on the right track. Most of the writers lose the main topic and insert useless details especially when they start writing at the eleventh hour. Although there will be a specific topic assigned to the essay, you should not restrict yourself initially. The rough draft should include a majority of ideas and thoughts related to the topic.

Not knowing the audience

The second reason for essay writing is considered a daunting task is that the writer does not understand the audience properly. Different audiences need different information even on the same topic. Similarly, different writing materials have different purposes. An example can be given regarding academic essays and advertising blogs. The academic style is different as compared to casual style both in terms of the content and tone. Beginners hardly know these differences and mix them up. They use first-person voices in academic writing which is not acceptable. Similarly, when you are writing a blog, your tome should not be academic. A writer should know the audience so that appropriate content can be produced.

Not managing the time

Most of the essays are time-bound. An essay writer should know beforehand about the time available to write an essay. The academic assignments also have a time bar imposed on them. It is better than a student starts writing the essay as soon as he or she receives it. This will help in managing the essay within time. There are other instances in which there is much less time available to write an essay. In that case, time management becomes even more important. Most people spend too much time on some particular portion of the essay and have to conclude the essay in a premature fashion.

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This makes the task daunting because the feedback of such an essay will force the writer to reduce some parts of the essay and include further details to some other parts. In some circumstances, you may wonder if there is some service to “write my essay”. If you do not have ample time to write the essay, these services can be used. Time management will also mean that you can take some time off from writing and restart with a fresh perspective.

Mismanaging the content

There is a huge amount of content available on a particular topic but you have to choose the content that should be included in the essay. You should not choose the content that your teacher wants to read. Rather, the content should be new to yourself which will increase the chances that your teacher or audience will also find it new or interesting. In the topics on which numerous essays have been written, you may not find appropriate topic sentences. However, the new pieces of information will become very interesting topic sentences for different paragraphs of your essay. In this way, your body paragraphs will be developed on the unique information.

Divide the essay from the start

You will have many ideas to be used while writing an essay. These ideas should be divided among different parts of the essay. The introduction should develop the mind of the readers about the topic. The body paragraphs should provide the justification of the claim made in the introduction. Some writers lose the original plot of the essay while writing the body paragraphs. This is where the outline helps them by assuring that the points are relevant to the topic. Some writers mistakenly add new information in the conclusion which is not the best thing to do. The conclusion includes the summary of the whole essay and the concluding remarks.

Not using the references properly

You may not have enough information to write a full essay on your own. Using outside sources will improve the content of the essay but these sources should also be properly cited throughout the essay. These citations can come in the form of direct quotations and paraphrased content. In most cases, academic essays or writings are incomplete without appropriate citations. People like Joel should improve their citation skills before they start writing essays.

Essay writing can be a daunting task but it can be learned over time. Managing time and content are the most important aspects for paper writing service writers. However, even before starting writing, a person must know the major citation styles.

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