CBD Joints | Delta 8 Infused Hemp Pre Roll 1 Gram

Buy the best quality CBD Joints at Aurochs Farms. Delta 8 Infused Hemp Pre Roll 1 Gram is available in different flavors: Citrus, Sweetened, Cherry Afghan, Platinum CBG, and Baox COA

Are You In The Know?

These are not like the ones that you grind and roll on your own. These are definitely not like the ones found at your local dispensary (sometimes it seems like shredded cheese; ‘did they shred that or pick it up off of the floor?rsquo.

So no, the smokeable hemp from Aurochs Farms is just not like the other ones. Like everything else we do at Aurochs Farms, we first consider what would we do for ourselves, our family, our friends and go forward accordingly.

Why? Because that usually leads us to places like having high-end, top-quality delta-8 infused Aeroponically Grown hemp CBD joints, not the scraps it seems like places ‘recycle’ into something with paper around it that you can’t see.

At Aurochs Farms, CBD joints should have high-end flower. Just because paper is wrapped around your CBD joints, does not mean that what can’t be seen should be scraps.

And, at Auorchs Farms, we control our smokeable hemp from seed to sale. We grow it aeroponically indoors. We harvest it. We process it. We package it. And we ship it directly to you.

Oh, what is Aeroponics you ask and what does it have to do with hemp and our pre-packaged CBD joints? Well, keep reading and learn about the real future of farming, how it grows quality crops better than soil and hydro foam and how it all impacts what you smoke in our Aurochs Farms Aeroponically grown delta 8 infused hemp flower CBD joints.

Aeroponics is a no-medium (dirt, hydro foam, etc….), efficient method of farming that is the wave of the future.

Less labor, easier to control, resistant to environmental changes, aeroponics is a grow system where the roots of the plant are suspended in air as opposed to being buried in dirt or in foam.

This allows the aeroponics control system to feed the roots of the plants nutrients as they require rather than on a schedule.

A super micro mist of reverse osmosis water and nutrients provide the plant with an on-demand reservoir of water and nutrients, which results in larger, more potent yields.

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