Vape Bundle | Vape+Battery Bundle

Buy the best quality vape bundle at Aurochs Farms. It is available in different flavors: Delta 8 Vape Cartridges 1 Gram Plus M3 battery Strains- Sweet Lemon, Berry Gelato, OG Kush, Grape Ape COA.


Are You In The Know?

There’s that famous opening line from the poem about trees, “I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree….”

And then there’s the Farmer Aurochs version, which simply reads: “I think that I shall never see a vaporizer better suited to me…”

And why, oh why, does Farmer Aurochs espouse that about the Aurochs Farms vape carts, batteries and vape bundles?

It’s a story about oil. High end oil. The kind that needs extra TLC in order to come bubbling up to the surface so to speak.

It ends with a vape bundle featuring cart and battery pack, but before becoming a vape bundle, it’s quite a unique journey from seed to hemp flower to delta 8 THC oil. Isn’t it often that way? The everything in between is the interesting part!

At Aurochs Farms, we only want to work with the best to make our highly pure and potent delta 8 THC oil. The best biomass that we either grow or source from a select group of farmers.

The best quality equipment to take that biomass and process it into this highly desirable oil. All done in the best, food-grade environment possible so that the finished product meets not only our standards, but your standards.

We want you to have a ‘wow’ moment every time you consume Aurochs Farms products.

We do it better than other growers. We do it better than other processors. We do it better than other packagers. And we even do it better than others who ship! And we especially do a vape bundle better than our competitors can do a vape bundle.

You won’t see it this clearly at medical dispensaries. You won’t see it this clearly at recreational dispensaries. You won’t see it this clearly at CBD and Hemp stores. You won’t see it this clearly at convenience stores or gas stations or even out of vending machines.

But, once you experience Farmer Aurochs stellar collection of products, you will see it. You’ll see the quality. You’ll see the care. You’ll see how concise we are about getting your order to you quickly.

You’ll see our commitment to caring about you as our customer after the sale. With the Aurochs Farms vape bundle, in fact, with all Aurochs Farms products, you will see the difference.

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