Ingredients of Neuro Tonix These are the elements from which the number Neuro Tonix is constructed.The Inulin

FOS, which stands for fructooligosaccharides, includes inulin. It has a long history of use as a food additive, typically with the purpose of enhancing the product's texture, flavor, or visual appeal. To name just a few of inulin's many health benefits, it can aid in weight loss, better digestive health, and lower inflammatory levels.

Fructans with an inulin structure are the most common kind of inulin. The products made by Neuro Tonix utilize this specific type of inulin in their manufacturing process.

Growing spearmint in Korea.

Spearmint is widely recognized as an effective plant for stress reduction. Natural menthol, found in many types of mint, has been proven to ease pain and reduce inflammation. As a muscle relaxant, menthol can also slow the heart rate.

Menthol, when mixed with other ingredients, may increase the body's production of endorphins and other natural painkillers. Our bodies release endorphins when we do things that make us happy, like eating chocolate or going for a run.

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