For exam questions, course assignments, or in-class exercises in college or university, you might be asked to write an expository essay. Such as, your instructor may ask you to explain the concept of realism or, may ask you, explore how realism works in the contemporary era. Such types of academic writing where you have to examine a certain topic and evaluate the evidence or idea are termed expository essays.

An expository essay is a type of academic writing which provides a clear and focused explanation or description of a subject matter. It may be a description of a certain topic, set of ideas, or a particular process. However, it does not intend to prove a point or an argument, it simply presents a balanced view of the topic. You do not take a stance or position to convince the reader, rather you describe to inform them

Usually, expository essays are projected to evaluate your understanding of a topic or your composition skills. These are mostly short assignments. It includes relatively less research and unusual propositions than the argumentative essay. Moreover, the topic indirectly implies writing an exposition. You provide the information related to the topic by evaluating the evidence and then expound it by describing, and explaining the idea.

Characteristics of Expository Essay

An expository essay is used to objectively teach and explain something. To do this, an essay writer frequently writes in the third person and avoids using pronouns like I and you. Expository essays can be used to inform, compare and contrast, or demonstrate the cause and impact of an issue. It usually follows a chronological format to make it easier for readers to follow along with the ideas being given. It also rapidly and clearly reaches the information's points.

You might be thinking about how I will write my essay? Don’t worry, here is a step-by-step guide to writing an A+ worthy expository essay.

Steps to Write an Expository Essay

Step 1. Choosing a Right Topic

To write an expository essay, your teacher might assign you a topic and give you instructions. It can come from diverse spheres.  However, if your instructor gives you an opportunity to choose a topic for writing an exposition, then you can choose any topic of your interest. You can select a topic related to current affairs, political science, education, general science, mass media, etc.

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Step 2. Making an Outline

         Making an outline is necessary before writing an expository essay. it gives you a proper structure to follow and organizes your thoughts and ideas in a sequence. Besides this, it helps you to recognize whether you have added all the required information or have skipped any. Thus, an outline is a prerequisite to write an essay.

Step 3. Introductory Paragraph

Every expository start with an introductory paragraph that starts with a general idea and ends with a narrow and focused thesis statement. In every paragraph of the body, whether it is three or more, it is crucial to remember that the thesis refers to the key concepts summed up in the introductory paragraph.

Step 4. Writing Body Paragraphs

An individual but relevant point for the main thought should be presented and explained in each paragraph. You can consider having the same number of paragraphs for every subject when you write a comparison and contrast essay and write objectively. You can make one paragraph to explain the first subject, a paragraph to explain the second subject, and a third paragraph to discuss how the two subjects relate. Naturally, you are open to many more routes to explore your themes if you choose to include more body paragraphs.

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You may apply a similar strategy to producing a comparison and contrast essay when you write a cause and effect expository essay. In one paragraph, you might give the subject, talk in the second paragraph of the cause of the subject, and in your third paragraph explain the effect. It is crucial to add factual proof to support your statements when required while writing a cause and effect paragraph. This means you need to do some research and include quotes correctly in your essay.

Step 5. Coming to a Conclusion

         In most cases, the conclusion contains a well-written summary of what has already been presented in the body of your essay. It restates the thesis statement but emphasizes certain points. An essay writer explains the primary idea, particularly tangible imagery, as firmly and clearly as possible in the end. You are not presenting new knowledge, but you are presenting a new image by demonstrating how your ideas are connected. A sum of paper can be more valuable than the sum of its parts.

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Suggestion to Write an Outstanding Expository Essay

To write an outstanding expository essay, you should appropriately narrow down your thesis statement by following the instructions given in the assignment. The entire essay relies on a thesis statement, therefore, it should be properly stated.

Moreover, while moving from one paragraph to another, the transitions should be clear and logical. Hence, the transitions play a vital role in distinguishing your points. It gives a logical progression by making it easy for the reader to follow the arguments of your essay, without collapsing the structure.

Make sure that you present one general idea in one paragraph, thus each paragraph should contain a unique idea. This makes things clear and vivid for the readers to read. Besides, each paragraph should have a logical connection to your thesis statement. It is necessary to support your idea with evidence. Even though you are not proving something, yet you have to add sufficient evidence.

       Above all, it is important to proofread your essay, whether you do ask a friend or an essay writing service, to make sure that you will not have to compromise your marks.

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