Attorneys for special education students - Our experienced attorneys help parents protect the rights of students with disabilities and ensure the appropriate education and support they need. Contact us for legal representation and advocacy.

Attorneys for special education students are licensed to practice law in the state and advocates for a student using knowledge of and experience with the federal and state laws governing special education, including the legal protections afforded to children.

Some attorneys have personal experience in this area of law. Maybe the attorney used to be an educator. Or sometimes the attorney has a family member, including their own child, with special education needs.

In either case, the attorney has often witnessed firsthand how challenging it can be for parents to advocate for special education services on behalf of their child.

As challenging as the process can be for families with an advocate or a special education attorney on their side, it can be even more challenging when a family is advocating on their own, without knowledge or expertise in the special education process.

Attorneys for special education students may also review assessments of the student performed by the school district and determine whether an independent educational evaluation by a neutral professional is necessary to determine student’s current educational needs and provide recommendations on how those needs should be addressed by the school district in order to allow the student to make appropriate progress in the student’s educational program.

Ultimately, attorneys for special education students will review a student’s history and records and determine whether the school district has provided the student a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. This is the legal requirement that all local education agencies must meet with respect to the special education students for which they are responsible.

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