Solar Engineering Company, Solar design firm with licensed SunPower partner. Monterey Energy Group offers professionally engineered signed and stamped solar photovoltaic plans for building permit approval.

Mandatory solar for every new home in California arrived January 1, 2020. MEG now offers Professionally Engineered Signed and Stamped Solar Photovoltaic plans for building permit approval.

Depending on homeowner’s or building owner’s desires, we typically design for NetZero Electricity results.

We will model your new home or building to determine a baseline energy estimate and then work with you through a series of questionnaires to determine your annual energy consumption and design a solar system to offset all of your electricity use over the course of 1 year.

We also offer the following Solar Design Services:

  • Shading Analysis
  • T24 Minimum Solar System Sizing
  • Solar Sizing and Specification
  • SunPower Factory Direct Solar Systems Installed on Your Home

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