Prestressing Jacks and Pumps manufacturers Description: Our product range for bridge construction includes a wide selection of stressing jacks, hydraulic units, pushing machines, anchor grips, anchor blocks, extension cylinders and some special customized products. we offer rugged and long-lived machines for heavy-duty use on construction sites. Our machines are in use all over the world for stressing bridges, stay cables. Stressing jacks, pump units and anchor grips from a single source ensure that all components work together in perfect tune. Specification for Hydraulic jack for prestressing TypeNominal tension force KNNominal oil pressure MPgTension piston area M虏Return piston area M虏Return oil pressure MPaCoss-core aperture MMStroke for tension MMOverall size 桅A脳L MMMass KG YCW70B705511.382脳10-虏0.636脳10-虏<25桅60200桅188脳33040 YCW100B973511.908脳10-虏0.534脳10-虏<25桅78200桅216脳33760 YCW150B1493512.927脳10-虏1.609脳10-虏<25桅103200桅283脳376117 YCW200B1998533.769脳10-虏2.168脳10-虏<25桅120200桅310脳378130 YCW250B2480544.594脳10-虏2.803脳10-虏<25桅140200桅345脳382188 YCW300B3011515.904脳10-虏3.518脳10-虏<25桅145200桅385脳382230 YCW350B3529526.786脳10-虏3.463脳10-虏<25桅165200桅410脳389280 YCW400B3927527.611脳10-虏4.595脳10-虏<25桅175200桅440脳389315 YCW450B4490518.804脳10-虏5.788脳10-虏<25桅175200桅465脳413364 YCW500B50265010.05脳10-虏4,775脳10-虏<25桅196200桅495脳418445 YCW600B60505012.1脳10-虏6.83脳10-虏<25桅196200桅530脳443550 YCW650B65665013.13脳10-虏6.291脳10-虏<25桅240200桅570脳445610 Diagrams of 300tons Hydraulic jack for prestressing How to install jack and anchor on site: Production process: if you are interested in any prestressing produtcs, welcome to inquiry us: Email:[email protected] Mobile phone/Whatsapp:0086-18802956872Prestressing Jacks and Pumps manufacturers website: