Inserting Tables in Gmail

Creating tables in Gmail is a great way to visually organize and display data. Whether you need to craft an email newsletter or simply make sure your message is easy to read, inserting tables can help make your emails more professional and user-friendly. In this article, we will explore the basics of how to insert tables into your Gmail messages.

Step 1: Compose a New Email

When composing a new email in Gmail, it is possible to insert tables. To do this, click the “Insert Table” icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the message window. This will open up a table menu that allows you to select how many columns and rows you would like your table to contain. Once you have selected your desired number of columns and rows, click “OK” and your table will appear as part of your message body. You can then type into each cell or add images if desired. When finished customizing, simply click “Send” in order to send off your message with its newly inserted table.

Step 2: Activate Table Option

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Step 3: Resize Table and Cells

Once the table has been inserted, it's time to resize the table and cells to get them looking just right. To start resizing your table, click on any of its edges. Then drag the mouse in order to resize the entire table or a single cell within it. Resizing can be done both horizontally and vertically depending on what you're trying to achieve with your design. In addition, when you hover over a corner of the table a double-headed arrow will appear which gives you more precision when resizing. Once finished making adjustments, release the mouse button and your new sizes should take effect instantly. If for some reason they don't, try refreshing your browser window or double checking that you've clicked all of your desired changes before releasing the mouse button.

Step 4: Format the Table

Once the table is ready and the data is inserted, it's important to format the table. To do this, click on any cell of the table and a 'Table' tab will appear in the toolbar above. Here you can adjust the Table Properties like background color, font size, alignment etc., as well as Cell Properties like font color, border lines etc. Additionally there are options to add a header row or column and change column widths or insert rows or columns. Once you have your desired table formatting complete, you can insert it into your email message.

Step 5: Include Content

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Step 6: Send Email

Once the table is created, the next step is to send it in an email. To do this, click the ‘Send’ button on top of your screen and type in the recipient address. You can also add a subject line that will appear at the top of their inbox when they receive your message. After filling out all of these fields, you can finally hit ‘Send’ and your email with a table inside will be sent instantly. Depending on how large or complex your table is, it may take longer to load for the recipient but usually it will just show up right away once they open up their inbox. Sending emails with tables using Gmail gives you an easy way to organize data and visualize information while allowing recipients to easily view everything without having to open external links or documents.

Conclusion: Finished!

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