If you're intending to downsize, sell your home, or simply want to simplify your life, as the best real estate company in California we're here to help you as you begin the process of staging it to sell quickly. De-cluttering your home is therefore the first and most crucial step. To simplify your home, you have to put a lot of effort into it. In order to achieve this, it is best to divide it into stages or parts. Make a checklist of "How to declutter your home" and rank the clutter-prone areas according to importance. Concentrate on each room individually and accomplish each objective before moving on to the next location.

First Step:

Make a few containers and give them names like these before you begin to declutter your home. For the purpose of storing the goods that have wandered from their designated storage areas. For the items that require maintenance before storage, such as jeans with a broken zip. pertaining to recyclable products. For the Items to be thrown away with household trash. to contribute anything that is no longer needed but is still usable by someone else and in good condition.

Second Step:

Create a decluttering schedule for each area. If you don't own many things, you could be able to declutter your home in a day or a week, or if you can only work on the weekends, you might require 30 days to finish the task. It is something else you should think about because it makes your duty much easier.

Third Step:

Organizing your home. Starting with a small area or location where you know there are fewer objects and it will take less time is a good idea.


No matter how small, clearing out the clutter can make your doorway more organized and efficient, which will speed up the sale of your home. Going through each box, start by clearing the desk, console, or side table you have in your foyer. Your entrance should seem neat to entice guests to view your home as they enter.

Living Room

The room that needs cleaning the most frequently is the living room. Everyone uses it because it's the main room in the home and has no storage. There isn't much hidden behind the bookcases and TV consoles, despite the fact that they may be there. It's crucial to:

  • Establish long-term storage facilities for items like books, journals, and remote controls that are often utilized.
  • Regularly maintain this area.

A bedroom, a closet, and some clothes

Make your bed as soon as you wake up. Start with the things you regularly or frequently use that are kept close to your bed, such as the side or nightstand table where you store extra supplies, tissues, and notebooks. Giving these things a permanent place to live will help your room look cleaner and more organized. If your vanity is in your bedroom, proceed to it next. Start with your closet if not. Make sure everything is in its proper place by carefully organizing it. After a brief cleaning, your room will be nicely set up for staging.

The Kitchen

Since you use your kitchen not only for cooking but also for eating and socializing, keeping it clean requires the most work. As a result, the kitchen is stocked with a variety of things. Cutting boards, glasses, utensils, or bakeware, for instance, could all be handled at once. Instead, you may arrange the kitchen by going through each space.

The Bathroom

First, check the medication cabinet. Get rid of everything, including expired skincare items, makeup, and prescription medications. Put everything you keep back in the cabinet as quickly as you can, keeping the items you use the most frequently at eye level.

After that, take any cabinet drawers out. After removing everything, decide right away what you're keeping and what you're throwing away. As you replenish the drawers with the goods you want to keep, put your often-used items in the top drawers.

Then repeat these actions in the shower or bathtub. Last but not least, make sure to clean out everything from underneath the bathroom sink.

Put anything that didn't fit into the five containers you've prepared for the job and swiftly arrange everything.