Derrick was walking by on the sidewalk when a drunk driver hit him from behind. He miraculously survived and all his physical injuries were cured by the hospital in a time frame of 8 months. After being discharged from the hospital, Derrick now suffers from PTSD every time he sees a car on the road. Additionally, he has been depressed, stressed, and constantly anxious since the accident. Derrick's mental health condition can be cured with the help of an emotional support animal.

What are ESAs?

Contrary to what you might have heard, ESAs are neither pets nor service animals. They can be thought of as medicine that you need for your mental disability. By cuddling, grooming, and showing affection towards these animals, you will see your mental health getting better and better. 

So, are you feeling bored, anxious, depressed, traumatized, or suffering from a sleeping disorder? Get an ESA now to fight against these mental health symptoms.

Getting an ESA

You cannot simply buy a pet and call it an ESA as there is a whole procedure involved. You must consult a licensed mental health caregiver and ask them to write an realesaletter for housing. The health professional will analyze your mental health first by diagnosing you. If they believe that an ESA can help your mental condition, they will write a letter for you that can arrive at your doorstep within a week. You should start finalizing the animal you want to get during this time.

ESA cats?

An emotional support animal can be any animal that you find adorable. It can be a cat, dog, hedgehog, piglet, or even a parrot. It is highly recommended that you get either an ESA cat or dog because they are friendlier and cuddlier than other ESAs. An ESA can be of any breed you find cute, but some affectionate cat breeds are Persian, Siberian, Maine coon, and British shorthair, etc.

Social Anxiety and ESAs

Suppose you suffer from severe social anxiety caused by anything from assault to abandonment issues. While medication can help treat this fear, it may not always be enough. This is where an emotional support animal can come in. With an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional such as, you can have a cat by your side for the rest of its life, providing you with the emotional support you need to begin your journey towards self-recovery.

The affection and comfort provided by a therapy cat can be an incredibly effective form of treatment for social anxiety and other mental health conditions. The presence of an ESA cat can also help reduce stress and promote feelings of calm and well-being. If you think an emotional support animal may be right for you, consider getting an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional and start your journey towards improved mental health today.

Benefits of ESAs for social anxiety patients

Confidence boost

As a socially anxious person, you probably lack self-esteem and confidence. After a long and hard day of socializing, you can come home to your cat and relax. You must realize that a fully functioning living creature is dependent on you. If you do not take care of them, they are bound to lose their life. Your contribution to their life can give you the confidence boost you badly need.

Chance to socialize online

As a new ESA cat owner, you will have hundreds of questions about it. You can interact with ESA owners on different online forums to get help. Similar to you, these individuals also suffer from diagnosed mental conditions. It is therefore easy to interact with them and socialize. If there are ESA owners in your area, you may plan a meet-up along with your ESAs to improve your socializing skills and improve your social anxiety.

Chance to socialize offline

Taking care of your cat is a huge responsibility. You should take them to the vet and groomer whenever needed. During these visits, it may be difficult for you to interact and explain your problem to these people. However, when your cat needs you, you will easily overcome your social anxiety and explain your cat’s problems thoroughly. After frequently visiting the vet and groomer, you will get the confidence to interact in any social climate, which will eventually cure your social anxiety.

Cats on walks?

Even though cats don't need to walk, there is no harm in taking them outside with you. You can buy a cat collar or harness along with a leash to control the cat during a morning walk. During this period, you are likely to run into hundreds of individuals who will stop you and talk to you about how adorable your cat is. They might ask you intriguing questions that you will need to answer to not sound rude. By interacting with these strangers, you will quickly realize that your social anxiety is improving day by day.

After-effects of social anxiety

In the initial days of socializing because of your cat, your anxiety levels may exponentially increase. When you come home full of anxiety, a simple look at your ESA cat will help you calm down. You know that your little companion is there for you to relax. You can cuddle, feed, and groom your pet to decrease your high anxiety levels.

What to do now?

There is no need to wait unnecessarily. Do not delay your mental health recovery process because you are unsure of the effects. If you are hesitant, you should go to online ESA forums and read their stories. Additionally, if you are ready to get an ESA, consult a licensed mental health professional to write your emotional support animal letter. In the meantime, think about the breed that would suit your needs.


In conclusion, ESAs can help you deal with social anxiety and other mental disorders. If you want to improve your mental health, getting an ESA is important. Cats and dogs make the best ESAs. You should consult with other owners and immediately ask a licensed health professional to write the letter.