Bi Nu is used to isolation, all the peach village women interrogate her with a kind of cold eyes, the mushroom changed woman brocade clothes, Qi Niang from the pot ash, their husband and Liang were taken away on the same day, but they are not willing to go north with her, perhaps they are afraid of the prophecy of the witch of Chai Village, afraid of dying on the way to find her husband, they are afraid to change back to a mushroom early, a handful of grass ash, Bi Nu was not afraid. Bi Nu picked the last gourd from the gourd shelf and took it home. She wants to choose a good place to bury the gourd and bury herself. Bi Nu's fearlessness in turn questioned Jin Yi and Qi Niang about their chastity and love for their husbands. The unintentional questioning annoyed them. So when Bi Nu walked past Qi Niang's shed, Qi Niang chased her out and spat behind her. Bi Nu smiled at her when she walked past Jin Yi, but Jin Yi glared at her ferociously and scolded, Crazy woman, who wants you to smile at me? Bi Nu did not care about other people's hatred, because other people's hatred could not match her love for Liang. She went back to her house, ready to clean the gourd, opened the water tank, the water ladle in the tank disappeared, Bi Nu shouted in the house, who took my water ladle? Someone outside said that your bailer had been taken away by Su De, the swineherd. Su De said that you were going to Dayanling anyway, and your bailer would be used by him. He would go back to the ground house in two days, and a lot of bailers would scoop water out! Bi Nu said that he was clever. Why didn't he take my water tank away? The person outside says again, you are to pick calabash to come back, cut open come, dug flesh, it is two bailer again! Bi Nu didn't explain the purpose of the last gourd in her hand. It was useless to explain. They would laugh at her. If you buried the gourd, you would be saved? You're still dead! She bent down to check the pumpkins behind the water tank and found that only two of the five pumpkins were left. Bi Nu shouted again, "Who stole my pumpkins?"? The people outside said, don't say so badly, what is stealing? Anyway, you're leaving. You can't eat so much, and you can't take it away. It's better to give it to someone else! Bi Nu quieted down inside. After a while, she moved the remaining two pumpkins outside and said, "Why don't I move them out myself so that you don't miss my things? This is the pumpkin planted by He Liang, the fattest and sweetest pumpkin in Qingyun County. Anyone can eat it. Just remember that it's the pumpkin planted by He Liang!"! Bi Nu gave away the last few pumpkins and began to kneel in the water tank to wash the gourds. Her distant nephew Xiao Zhuo, a boy with scabies on his head, suddenly burst in and shouted at her back, "Crazy woman, what are you doing?"? Bi Nu said, I am washing gourds. Xiao Zhuo said, plastic bulk containers ,collapsible bulk containers, I know you are washing the gourd. When you pick the gourd, you have to cut it in half and throw it into the water tank to make a bailer. Why do you wash it? Bi Nu said, other gourds have been cut in half for you, this one is not cut, this one is not a bailer! Xiao Zhuo shouted, "Why should all the other gourds be cut open? This one is not allowed to be cut open. Is it the king of gourds?"? Bi Nu said, Xiao Zhuo, did you forget that your aunt was a gourd? Haven't you heard that I'm going to die on the way to the north this time? If I die, I don't want to be divided into two halves and float in someone else's water tank. I have to wash myself clean and bury my body in the peach village. After I bury it, I can go at ease, and I won't have to bother about it later! Blue Grass Stream The mountains around the Blue Grass Stream have been eroded by excessive human traces, and the steep ridges of the past have become flat and thin. The mountain passes are densely populated, and the wind can smell the smell of fried cakes and cow dung in the air. It was already the frontier area of Qingyun County. Thirty miles away from the mountain pass, it was the legendary Qingyun Pass. Out of Qingyun Pass, it was Pingyang County. Pingyang County was a boundless plain and farmland. They said that the chariots and horses of the king who went south to patrol were galloping mysteriously on that plain. Bi Nu finally saw the donkey cart and the ox cart with wheels. Horses were sent to the north, and oxen and donkeys were put in important positions by merchants and peddlers. They wore bells made of copper sheets, were put on carts, and gathered by the roadside to wait for heavy objects. The cow and the donkey behaved differently in the Blue Grass Stream. The cow left the desolate farmland and made a huge confused sound. The donkey was so loved that its cry was frivolous and arrogant. Numerous terrace-shaped houses were built along a red earth road leading to the foot of the mountain. It was hard to tell whether their owners were nobles or gentry. Bi Nu had never seen such houses. The flags hung high in midair, mostly painted with beautiful colored characters. Bi Nu could not read. She asked a donkey driver what was written on the flags. It could be seen that the driver could not read either. He blinked his eyes. After a while, he guessed the word. He squinted contemptuously at Bi Nu and said, "I don't know that word either."? It's a word of money. What is it if it's not a word of money? Everything in this place costs money! Polygonum blue grass is like gold dotted in the mountain pass area. In the era of war and chaos, Polygonum blue still grows crazily here. Obviously, Blue Grass Stream flourishes because of a kind of grass and quietly becomes a new market town in Qingyun County. Bi Nu met many women and children with baskets on the road. She thought they were also going to the north, but they said, what are you going to do in the north? Are you going to die? Let's go to the Blue Grass Stream to collect grass. Ten baskets of grass are sold for a knife coin! Bi Nu looked around and saw that the mountains were shining with blue light, that the Polygonum blue was indeed blue in the sun, and that the ragged grass pickers, who were looking for the leaves of the Polygonum blue grass along the stream, often gathered together in the end, and even at the foot of the mountain, they could see the figures of the grass pickers fighting for the blue grass on the mountain, those flashing angry figures. From a distance, it looks like a group of predatory beasts. Are you here to pick bluegrass, too? Why is there a bundle on your head? Where is your basket? Where is your sickle? The donkey driver's head was green, his beard was black, and he could not see his age. He squinted at the eyes of others, half evil, the other half a little warm. I don't pick grass. They told me Bluegrass Creek has a donkey cart going north. Bi Nu said, big brother, is your donkey cart going to the north? What are you going to do in the north, to die? Asked the coachman ferociously, with his hands in his arms as if he were afraid of the cold, but his feet were naked and high. He studied the package on Bino's head with a squint, and without reaching a conclusion, he suddenly raised his foot,plastic pallet suppliers, kicked Bino's body, and said, "What is in the package? Open it and see!".