Do you wish to know if you have missed your chance or free cancellation with Hawaiian airlines? Well, the Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection will tell you all about this. So if you want to learn about the flight cancellation policy with Hawaiian airlines, you must stay tuned with us until the end.

Let us first begin with understanding what the cancellation policy of Hawaiian airlines says.

What are the cancellation policies of Hawaiian airlines?

For the customers, Hawaiian airlines allow to change or cancel flights through the online as well as the offline mode. Here are the pointers that you must learn about the cancellation policy of Hawaiian airlines:


  • If you are canceling your flight within the active period of cancellation, then you are eligible for a refund. 
  • Also, if you have booked your flight ticket when 7 days or more left in the flight departure, only then can you ask for a refund on canceling the flight within 24 hours.
  • Now, when the free cancellation window is closed, you need to pay the cancellation fee if you have to terminate your booking. However, the exact amount that you might need to pay for canceling the Hawaiian flight depends on the route of the flight and the time difference between the flight departure and your cancellation. It might range from $100 to $500.
  • For a refund, the passengers need to wait patiently. As per the Hawaiian airlines flight booking, the airline might take up to 10 days to process your refund.

Therefore, these were some important detail when it comes to flight cancellation with Hawaiian Airlines. You can also cancel your flight right before the departure time, but you might not be refunded for it.

How can I cancel the Hawaiian flight?

Both the methods have been discussed in full detail:

Online method:

  • Go to the Hawaiian airline's site
  • Visit the manage my trip section 
  • Then, to access your flight, enter your flight booking number.
  • Once you see your booking select it and hit the cancel button.

Offline method:

  • Call on the Hawaiian airline's customer service number.
  • Listen to the IVR.
  • Press the right key for cancellation.
  • Then, tell the person that you have to cancel your flight.

Furthermore, the Hawaiin airlines live person will perform the activity. 

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