You are a passionate and love reading books and stories, today I will introduce to you a website called Wattpad, so what is Wattpad? This article will tell you clearly, and how to sign up for a Wattpad account with Temporary Gmail.

What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is an online community of stories. Here, users can read and experience thousands of books with many different genres. A special feature is that you can experience the articles of published authors on the market and unpublished works.

Here, there is a variety of content with a total of more than 20 different genres from literature to romance poetry, action, comedy, adventure, horror, science fiction, ... you can immerse yourself in in the treasure of stories  and attractive.

Wattpad was first launched in 2006 with a partnership between two founders Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen. Shortly after its launch Wattpad has more than 17,000 eBooks from Project Guttenberg – a volunteer project on the digitization, storage and distribution of cultural works. According to 2014 statistics, Wattpad has more than 25 million unique visitors per month and more than 1000 stories are shared by users every day. With all of the above, Wattpad is appreciated by the community and appreciated for its development.

You can write an article that looks like an article, poem, interesting story, engaging, unique ideas at Wattpad. And get interaction, rate your post by the like button (vote) or comment (comment) by other users.

The Wattpad application has two versions for phones and PCs, you can freely experience this platform for free on any medium. Experience the application and create compelling works that attract millions of readers, bring your ideas to others and spread it to the whole world.

How to register a Wattpad account with Temporary Gmail.

Step 1: Go to Wattpad and press the “Log in” button on the top right of your screen, select “Sign up” and click “Sign up with Email”.


Step 2:

-Open and press the “Open” button.


-Click on the empty box to randomly select an email address, click "Create" and click on the email address below to be able to copy.


Step 3:

-Go back to Wattpad, fill in the information and email address just copied into the form, click "Sign up with email" and follow the instructions.


-There is a small suggestion, if you cannot choose your personal information, you can visit fake name generator and press the "Generate" button to randomly receive information.


Step 4:

-Back to press the spiral button to receive a confirmation letter from Wattpad sent back.


-Read the message and click “This is me!” to complete your verification step.


-You have successfully registered an account.


In just a few simple and quick steps, you have completed the registration of a Wattpad account with Temporary Gmail so that you can experience the fascinating stories. Especially you do not need to use your personal email address to register, this allows you to keep your personal information private.