China Peel Ply Fabric factory Product Presentation peel ply for vacuum infusion process锛宲eel ply is spread on the fiber layer and under the deflector net. When the vacuum process is completed, the related vacuum auxiliary materials can be easily removed, and will not stick to the product. Finally, the release cloth is torn off, and a smooth and flat surface can be obtained. The main purpose of the peel ply is to reduce the resin content of the product, make the paste surface of the hand lay-up product smoother and more beautiful, without excess resin accumulation, so that the product is lighter, stronger and more beautiful, especially for light products such as airplane models, ship models, and airplane models. ItemRG-PAB065RG-HFTMB-1.27RG-BJ133/260 Product NamePeel plyTeflon peel plyTeflon peel ply with glue ColorWhiteCoffeecoffee Maximum Temperature205鈩?/p>-60鈩儈260鈩?/p>-60鈩儈260鈩?/p> Width1.8m1.27m1m Roll Length100m100m50m 1. The resin has good wettability and is beneficial to reduce bubbles. It can be used in the glass fiber reinforced plastic hand lay-up process and the vacuum process. 2. Easy to peel, less resin residue, easy to polish Vacuum composite material:vacuum pump,vacuum bagging film,peel ply,release film,sealant tape,resin flow mesh,vacuum hose,quick connector,resin collector Q:How many specifications are available? A:Peel ply锛宼eflon Peel ply锛?teflon Peel ply with glue Q:What is the temperature resistance? A:-60鈩儈260鈩?/p>China Peel Ply Fabric factory website: