Customized Screens Roller Screens for Coal (Implementation standard JB/T 13657-2019) In recent years, XCDRS Roller Screen for Coal has proven to be a robust and effective mechanism. In XCDRS Roller Screens for Coal, the separation surface is formed by geared discs mounted in a staggered configuration on rotating rollers that convey the material, circulating and loosening it. The separated fines fall through the gaps between the individual rolls, while the coarse material is conveyed through the roller screen to the overflow opening with the help of the geared discs. In addition, since XCDRS Roller Screens for Coal are stepped to convey the material, the downstream crusher can feed the material smoothly and steadily; reducing the workload of the crusher. This obviously results in less wear and lower energy consumption. Thus, the use of this product typically results in reduced energy use, lower operating costs, and increased operational safety. The compact design, derived from the horizontal and stepped material flow, as well as the various possible arrangement options, allows its application in many situations - underground and above ground. This type of equipment is suitable for coal operations. The product has variable clearance settings to meet all customer requirements. Name:XCDRS Roller Screen for Coal Material:Military Materials,Mn18Cr2, Alloy. Color:Grey and Yellow Shipping:Sea or Rail Transportation Delivery & Service:Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.Customized Screens website: