Aramid Yarn factory Impact's woven carbon fiber cloth fabric sheet has a plain weave. A plain weave has a smaller, tighter pattern and is usually more subtle in appearance than a twill weave Our high-quality 3K cloth consists of 3,000 carbon filaments per bundle or bundle. They are woven together to form a fabric that is very strong yet lightweight Carbon fiber has excellent structural strength and a very desirable signature look. Can be used for hobby RC helicopters or cars, sports equipment, waterproof repairs, auto parts, Hi-fi equipment, etc. Works with a variety of resins to suit your needs (not included). Carbon fiber fabric can be used to get an awesome and expensive look. Apply epoxy and apply a glossy clear coat on top Note: This carbon fiber board is folded and not shipped on rollers. Dimensions 2m x 1m (6.56' x 3.28'). Made in China. Available in carbon fiber panels 0.5x1m, 1mx1m, 2mx1m and 3mx1m As they are made from carbon, aren鈥檛 carbon fibers flammable? Carbon fibers have a regular mesh structure, whereas the structure of charcoal is less regular, and interlinking is weaker so the structure is easily broken. Carbon reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide. (C+O2->CO2) This chemical reaction is called an oxidation reaction. If a certain temperature (oxidation initiation temperature) is exceeded, the reaction proceeds rapidly. This reaction produces heat and if the temperature rises due to this heat, the oxidation reaction occurs even more readily. Combustion occurs when there is no break in the cycle of oxidation reaction->heat produced->temperature rise->stronger oxidation reaction, and powerful oxidation occurs. So the oxidation reaction depends on: temperature carbon supply and air supply. An example of is using water to extinguish a fire. Owing to the latent heat of water, the temperature drops to inhibit the oxidation reaction. An example of is using a blanket or sheet as a means of extinguishing a fire. Cutting off the oxygen in air inhibits the oxidation reaction. We can explain using differences in flammability due to crystal structure. As carbon fibers have a regularly arranged structure and strong bonding among carbon atoms, they do not burn easily but with an irregular structure with many gaps, which air comes into, charcoal burns relatively easily. Also in the case of carbon fibers, the more regular the structure, the more difficult it is for them to burn. Product DescriptionAramid Yarn factory website: