Nowadays a burning topic can be climate change, pollution, and carbon emission, Every year we are on the path of rotting the environment and altering the ecosystem.

According to Essay Rewriter Birmingham, the temperature of the earth is rising rapidly around 1.5 degrees more which can be destructive and leads to the rise of sea level, glaciers will melt, and plenty of sea animals will suffer as well humans. One thing can transform it, is a clean energy source with less carbon emission.

If we talk about pristine energy sources it could be solar, wind, hydropower, or nuclear energy.


Will nuclear energy save the earth?


Nuclear energy is obtained from fission, it's a method of splitting uranium atoms to elicit energy. The heat emitted by the fission will be used to develop steam that rotates and help the turbine to yield power. The process is immaculate because it does not eject any kind of by-products that can be poisonous. The Essay Rewriter Birmingham asserted that the United State of America lowers carbon emissions by more than 471 million metric tons while using clean energy produced by nuclear energy. The less use of fossil fuels made air quality pretty great than before. The declining air quality was the reason for plenty of unwanted phenomena such as acid rain, smog, lung cancer, etc.

The energy produced by nuclear power plants is much greater than other alternatives. For example, you need 3 million solar panels to produce energy equal to 1 square mile of a nuclear power plant. It simply means it requires less land to run.

Is nuclear energy bright light or some darkness is hidden?

Have you ever heard about the Chernobyl catastrophe, Fukushima, or the three-mile island?

Surprisingly it was due to our nuclear power energy and the failure of our system.

If we compare fossil fuel and nuclear energy-related tragedies, fossil fuels will win. According to the university college London and the University of Harvard around 18 to 21.5% of people die because of fossil fuel pollution.

Although we can say that fossil fuels are slowly annihilating, nuclear power can wipe out the population in one go.

Some other issue regarding nuclear power is that it takes at least 10-15 years to set up a nuclear power plant. It's not as inexpensive as other alternatives like wind or solar. The  Solar energy can cost between 29 to 56 dollars per megawatt (MWh) and wind between 36 to 44 nonetheless, nuclear can cost around 112 TO 189 Mwh.

According to Amory Lovins, a prominent physicist, nuclear plants are way too expensive to run, and the profit will never match the number of expenses. Consequently, someone who is propelled to earn profit will never choose nuclear fuel.

To sum up, we can say that nuclear energy is a great source of energy and is sustainable. Although it is not as pristine as it's painted, small issues in the process will be dreadful for people working there or people living around the area.

Plenty of drawbacks we have seen so far, If the safety gears are taken care of it could be one of the safest energy.



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