Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in recent years. It is an intervention that allows you to modify the size and shape of the nose to achieve greater harmony with the rest of the face.

Although the aesthetic aspect of the nose is the main reason why patients come to the best plastic surgeon in Kanpur, we always like to remind them that the nose is, first of all, to breathe well, and, secondly, to be beautiful and harmonize with the rest of the features of the face.

In this sense, the main benefits offered by a rhinoplasty are, both at a functional level, correcting possible problems such as deviation of the septum, and aesthetic. Always prioritizing the functional aspect over the aesthetic.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, at least in our hands, it is a surgery that takes place without any pain in the postoperative period. The main discomfort is the packing that is done at the end of the intervention. Normally this packing can be removed the morning after the intervention. Only in the case of very severe deviations of the nasal septum may it be convenient to maintain the packing for 48-72 hours, but this is exceptional.

The bruises on the eyelids that usually appear after a rhinoplasty depend largely on the type of technique used to handle the bony portion of the nose. The technique we use for this, the percutaneous osteotomy, produces very limited bruising (ecchymosis) given its low invasiveness. In our experience, this type of approach provides us with a better recovery with much less inflammation and ecchymosis than osteotomies performed with intranasal chisels, and even those performed with ultrasound.

In this article we are going to review what are the aesthetic problems that we can solve with a rhinoplasty in Kanpur, and the benefits it brings.

Problems that we can solve with a rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can very satisfactorily solve problems with the shape and size of the nose, such as:

  • The nasal hump, commonly known as the nasal bridge. It manifests as a localized bump in the middle of the dorsum of the nose. It can be bony or cartilaginous, it is generally a combination of both. It is important to determine it before the intervention, since we must proceed differently depending on the case.
  • The wide nose, which can be corrected by narrowing the nasal bones.
  • The very wide or drooping nasal tip can be refined and raised to achieve a more harmonious nose.

When is rhinoplasty indicated?

Rhinoplasty in East Delhi should be planned once the full development of the facial structures has been completed. This is usually around the age of 16 in girls, and 17-18 years in boys. We do not usually recommend intervening at earlier ages, unless it is a case that affects health.

The cases that plastic surgeon in Mumbai can treat with a rhinoplasty can be of congenital or developmental origin and, on other occasions, be the consequence of a strong old trauma.

Characteristics of the ideal rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty involves a high complexity, which is why a certain experience and mastery of the techniques is required to achieve excellence in the result. It is a very demanding surgery in terms of results.

The assessment of the expert plastic surgeon in Kanpur must be based on an analysis of the anatomy of the face and the harmony of the features, with the aim of being able to make a preoperative planning that takes into account all these aspects and combine them with the tastes of the patient.

The success of the intervention will depend precisely on this prior analysis and on the way in which the problem is approached, choosing the most appropriate techniques for each case. In this sense, it has been of great help to us for years to have a computer program for simulation of results, which allows us to express to the patient what our idea of ​​the result is and, on the other hand, allows us to better understand the expectations that the patient has. It is also a good tool for analyzing facial structure.

The functional benefit of a rhinoplasty

When we talk about rhinoplasty, we often think that it is only an aesthetic operation, but we must never forget the functional aspect, that is, guaranteeing correct ventilation.

The nose is a much more complex organ than it seems. In addition to being the organ of smell, it is also the gateway to the respiratory system. Simplifying, we can say that the nose is a conditioner of the air that enters the lungs. The air as it passes through the nose is filtered, moistened and heated. When a person breathes predominantly through the mouth, pharyngitis and even hoarseness problems arise since the air that enters the airway is not properly conditioned. Therefore, when planning a rhinoplasty in Delhi, we must approach it taking into account the functional and aesthetic aspects together. In this way, we can achieve a satisfactory result.

In this sense, the benefits of a rhinoplasty in Nagpur at a functional level are focused on improving or correcting functional defects that affect breathing, as usually occurs in the case of a deviated septum and hypertrophic turbinates that produce a more or less intense airflow obstruction. nasal.

These functional defects can be congenital or acquired as a result of a strong accidental trauma. Sometimes they are due to trauma in early childhood and patients have no memory of having suffered them.

The aesthetic benefit of a rhinoplasty

The beauty of the face is an abstract concept that is closely related to balance, symmetry and the harmonious relationship between the different parts. In this context, the nose is a fundamental part of the face that plays a very important role in its perception.

Rhinoplasty in Mumbai offers a satisfactory solution when there is a lack of proportion of the nose with respect to the entire face or a deformity due to dorsal hump or deviation of the nasal pyramid.

We must bear in mind that the aesthetic benefit of a rhinoplasty should always be based on achieving harmony with the rest of the facial features. We should never pursue a particular nose, but rather a nose that is in harmony with the set of features of the face.

Plastic surgeon in Noida usually explain to the patients that it can happen that after a rhinoplasty people, at first, may not realize that they have undergone an intervention to modify the nose since it does not draw attention to the face as a whole. I usually tell girls that, if they make any changes to their hair (another cut or highlights) while undergoing this surgery, it is very possible that they will tell them that they look better and attribute that change to the new hairstyle. However, we give our patients before and after pictures of themselves and the change is very noticeable in comparison.

The psychological benefit of a rhinoplasty

A nose that is too prominent can make the person self-conscious and even give them the feeling that everyone is looking at them, consequently resulting in a loss of security with the interlocutor.

Solving this aesthetic problem entails an emotional and psychological benefit, since the person looks better and their self-esteem will increase. This aesthetic improvement results in greater self-confidence and greater optimism.