The Wario Land series inspired the Pizza Tower game with simple pixel graphics. This game was released in March 2023. When playing this game, you may feel some features are similar to Wario Land. However, this game still gets unique features that make it outstanding from the other action games. You can experience cartoons from the 90s, but you may be impressed with the animated cartoons of pizza tower game. You and Peppino will explore many tower floors and beat enemies you face on the way. Moreover, the tower has five floors which are considered five levels. They have different names.

Level 1: Ancient

Level 2: Water

Level 3: Boulder

Level 4: Horror

Level 5: Horrorland

Ready to enjoy the attractive gameplay and music of this action game?

How to play Pizza Tower

With different stages, you have to move cleverly and reach the existing door at the end of the floor. Many enemies will stand in the way to prevent you from going upstairs. You just need to complete some work to complete this game.

Reach the exit door

Each floor will have one exit door which is put at the end of the way. So, to go through this door, you have to overcome many tough platforms. Control the character's jump, slide, or fall over all obstacles on the ground. Sometimes, you must combine the run, speed up and jump to reach a higher place.

Beat enemies with attacks

The character can kill the strange creatures of the tower by speeding up. He just sped up and rushed at the enemies. This speed-up is called Mach Run which also can help him break some blocks and weak bricks. This attack reminds me of the Dash Attack on the Wario character. This character also has a super jump skill which is similar to jumping in Super Mario Bros . By all costs, don't let the enemies actively touch your character. One touch can reduce the scores on the left corner.

Collect ingredients and rescue Toppins

To increase the scores, you should grab the ingredients on the way. However, collecting all of them isn't too important. Keeping the character safe is what you must do. Moreover, you can see some little animals (called Toppins) arrested in the tower. You will break the wall or blocks to save them. Then, they will be your lovely companions. When you save enough characters and go through the final exit door, you will complete a level.

Game control

Press the left and right arrow keys to move backward and forward
Use the up arrow key to climb the ladder
Press the Z key to jump
Press the X key to charge and speed up. The character only unleashes his full strength as he picks up momentum.
Combine the up arrow and Z key to jump higher.
Press the key while falling in freefall.