When you step into the crypto world, a lot of new things unfold in front of you when you start taking action. Earlier, you must have thought that crypto trading only involves buying and selling different assets. However, the scope of the industry is pretty vast. When it comes to buying crypto assets, it is not restricted to only going to a particular exchange and buying a crypto of your choice. However, after purchasing your crypto assets, you also need to find a safe storage space for them, and in technical terms, we call these spaces a crypto wallet. Among the available options, most of them prefer to go ahead with the crypto.com wallet which is indeed a fair choice.

If you are already using this wallet, then some questions related to its usage might crop up in your mind. The first question that one might have in his mind could be about restoring the wallet if he ever forgets the login credentials of the same. So, in today's blog post, I will be spilling the beans regarding this topic and showcase to you the whole process that you need to follow in this regard.

Do you have your wallet's secret recovery phrase?

While registering for a crypto.com wallet or let's say any other wallet, you are provided with a secret recovery phrase. This secret phrase could be 12/18/24-words long. So, if you have this secret recovery phrase with you and you wish to make sure that you are able to use it as and when needed, then you need to keep it very safe. If you ever lose this private key, then you will never be able to gain access to your wallet ever in your life and the team behind crypto.com wallet will also not be able to help you in this matter.

Using the secret recovery phrase of any of your wallets, you can import it to any other wallet as well. So, if you are also looking for the process to import your wallet, then you can refer to the steps explained below.

Importing an existing wallet to crypto.com wallet 

On the crypto.com Defi wallet, you can easily import an existing crypto.com wallet by using the secret recovery phrase of that wallet. So, here we are with the steps you can follow to achieve this:

  1. Begin the procedure by opening the wallet app on your device
  2. Among the given three options, select "Import an existing wallet"  
  3. Further, you can set a passcode for securing this wallet
  4. Else, you can also enable the biometrics ID on your account
  5. After this, you can copy and paste the seed phrase or QR code of the wallet manually
  6. Thereafter, you need to select the "Restore" button and the pop-up message for successful wallet importing will appear on your screen

Why can't I restore my wallet on crypto.com?

If you are trying to import an existing wallet to your crypto.com wallet account, and you are not able to do this, then there could be a problem with the crypto.com Defi platform. Some users have reported facing the issue while pressing or tapping the "Restore" button. In this scenario, the most common reason for this problem could be the invalid secret recovery phrase. In case you mistype even a single word in this phrase, then you'll face issues while restoring the wallet.


In case you wish to restore your crypto wallet to the crypto.com wallet, then you can refer to the details that I have furnished in the section above. Here, we have given the complete details on how you can accomplish this task. Apart from that, we have also given some additional details which can be applied if you are not able to restore your wallet.