If you’re the type of bride who is looking for wedding bands in Houston, TX that are extravagant, sophisticated, and classic, then green gemstones are the ideal choice.


These gemstones easily suit your style and personality preference and being versatile perfectly suit a range of cuts, settings, gemstones, and metals. Green gemstones also come in a range of options so that you can choose one that you adore.


Reasons to choose green gemstones

One of the main reasons why a lot of brides tend to prefer green diamonds in Houston, TX is that these gemstones are unique and rare. That makes them truly one-of-a-kind.


If green diamonds are too expensive for you, you can check out emeralds, sapphires, moss agate, peridots, and even moissanite which are much more affordable.


Your local jewelry designers in Houston, TX will tell you that green gemstones perfectly pair with yellow gold and platinum as it offers a beautiful contrast that makes your gemstone stand out and pop.


Rose gold offers pretty pink hues that can blend in well with the green tones and offer you a romantic and chic appeal along with a lovely shine.


Since green diamonds are rare, they are much more expensive than white diamonds, however, you can opt for a white diamond center stone with smaller green diamond side stones. Or a white diamond center stone with a halo of green diamonds or sapphires.


Final Word

Green sapphires are also a lovely choice being durable and ideal for daily wear. They are also much more affordable than diamonds and come in a range of shades to choose from.


Just make sure that you take your piece to a professional to clean, repair and maintain every couple of months so that it looks new and shiny for years to come.