You can become a great punter by following suggestions or advice on football betting. This will help you to be an expert when you are asked to give football betting advice.

Let's read about some of the best football betting strategies.

Bet with Value. "Value", in this case, is when you believe that the odds are set at a level which will allow the reward to outweigh the risk. You would first need to determine the winning chances of each side, and then get the best decimal odds for your bet. Last but not least, multiply the possible percentage of winning by the odds. Remember that only a score greater than 1 or equal to it will give you a value.

Off-the-field Events: Although not considered useful by many people, off-the field events such as a manager getting sacked or a player being caught doping can have a significant impact on a team's performance.

Some teams will do anything to improve their performance in these difficult times. Others, however, are branded as "chokers" because they fail to replicate the same act. As a punter you need to know the truth about your team.

Playing Team: You should think twice before betting on a team that is "lifeless" (e.g., a team with injured players or if the goalkeeper or captain are unfit, or if key players have left due to national service or a change of loyalty).

Make sure you can afford to lose money before you bet. It is best to wait until you are certain that your chances of winning are high before placing a bet.

It is easy to make money with Betfair by betting on football. Many people ask me which football betting tipsters I follow, but I don't. Football is the easiest sport to bet and consistently make profits.

This is a simple question that's often forgotten when it comes to football betting. Which team will score more goals? Teams vary in their style of play. Some are considered attacking teams, while others are more defensive. We can use simple formulas at the end to determine how teams match up based on their goalscoring record. This information can form the basis of a profitable betting system for football.

This information is priceless when used correctly. A team such as Manchester United might have an average goal total per match of more than 2. You can predict the outcome of a football match based on this factor alone Click Here.

The relative position of each team in the league is another important factor to consider when deciding which matches are worth betting on. It is important to wait for a few weeks to see if things settle down in a new season. This isn't rocket-science, but we can place winning bets by looking at league positions and relative goal scoring ability.