Even amid some of the potential barriers or deterrents to international travel in recent years – ranging from the coronavirus to Brexit – the appeal of destination weddings, and certainly getting married in Gibraltar, has endured. 

Indeed, whereas there was once a time when a destination wedding might have seemed a relatively indulgent way to tie the knot that wasn’t exactly convenient for invited guests, in today’s world, you might find that destination nuptials are actually easier and cheaper to plan than a wedding at home. 

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the factors in that, which might be helpful to you if you haven’t yet decided whether to plump for a destination wedding. 

Cut the costs

A typical wedding in the UK might now set you back as much as £30,000 or more, a much higher figure than was once the case. With this in mind, organising and holding a destination wedding may not cost as much as you would expect. Overseas weddings do, after all, tend to have smaller guest lists, since for many friends and extended family members, it may not be feasible to attend. That, in turn, might mean the couple having fewer people to pay for.  

It also helps from a costs point of view when you choose a destination that isn’t too far away! If you and your guests are looking to travel from the UK, for instance, the flight time is less than three hours from London Heathrow Airport. 

And if you do choose to have a Gibraltar wedding, don’t forget to browse our own wedding packages, which are designed to cater to various budgets and practical requirements. 

Less stressful

Choose a typically sunny destination like Gibraltar for your overseas wedding, and you will also be able to help lower your stress levels when it comes to the weather. In short, you will be almost guaranteed good outdoor conditions for those wedding photos and videos, which will be something to look forward to during the planning stage. 

And as we touched on earlier, selecting the right wedding package can further help relieve your stress when you are planning a Gibraltar wedding. 

Whether you like the idea of getting married in Gibraltar at the historic Registry Officewhere John Lennon and Yoko Ono also tied the knot, or you’re more drawn to our Botanical Gardens or Mons Calpe Suite packages, we can put together an attractive package for you covering all the key elements, but also none of the elements you don’t need. 

We can arrange for collection on arrival in Gibraltar, for example, as well as book accommodation for you and your guests. The likes of catering, make-up, hairstyling, the wedding cake, and wedding car can all be included, too – if you desire it. 

If you’re looking at Gibraltar for your destination wedding, we’re the experts here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. Reach out to our skilled professionals today, and we would be delighted to help turn your overseas wedding dream into reality.