Little Alchemy is a fun and creative game where you can combine different elements to discover new ones. One of the elements you can make is a tree, which is useful for making other elements. To make a tree, you need two things: a plant and time. How do you make a plant and time? You need four basic elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Here are the steps to make a tree:

•  Combine earth and water to make mud.

•  Combine mud and air to make dust.

•  Combine dust and fire to make ash.

•  Combine ash and water to make life.

•  Combine life and mud to make swamp.

•  Combine swamp and life to make bacteria.

•  Combine bacteria and swamp to make algae.

•  Combine algae and earth to make grass.

•  Combine grass and earth to make plant.

•  Combine plant and air to make time.

•  Combine plant and time to make a tree.

Congratulations! You have made a tree in Little Alchemy!