how to become kaizen certified


Kaizen, or "change for the better," is a Japanese improvement philosophy that has become widespread across Western businesses.

Companies such as Ford and Pixar use the Kaizen methodology to increase productivity through enhanced efficiency and reduced quality issues. Furthermore, teamwork among employees working towards one common goal is strengthened.

1. Know the basics

A Kaizen course provides participants with an introduction to this Japanese business philosophy, often used by organizations to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability. Kaizen training can increase employee engagement while simultaneously encouraging teamwork in an effort to foster an optimal work environment.

Responsibility for Kaizen lies with all employees; however, an appointed facilitator - usually a manager or supervisor - usually leads a Kaizen event. Kaizen is also an important component of Lean manufacturing systems that utilize continuous improvement methods to eliminate waste in production processes.

Brainmeasures' Kaizen Certification program is an online learning program that offers an in-depth introduction to Kaizen management principles and techniques. Arranged in an accessible sequence, lessons provide lessons designed for maximum comprehension. Finally, an examination ensures participants have acquired all the knowledge needed for certification.

2. Learn from experienced trainers

Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning "Change for the Better," and refers to an improvement technique focused on continuous process improvement through making small tweaks to business processes. In this course, we'll teach how to implement and apply these techniques effectively.

ExpertRating Kaizen Certification training course is tailored for Quality Management professionals looking to enhance their processes and realize long-term business gains. This comprehensive program covers topics like the meaning, goal and principles of Kaizen; implementation steps as well as roles played by team members and their leader(s).

This two-month course emphasizes comprehensive learning of its topic. Learners receive instructor and customer service support to ensure a positive experience, with its curriculum covering foundational aspects such as purpose and relationship to lean. It also explores methodologies and techniques such as Plan-Do-Check-Act improvement model and Lean A3 problem identification method.

3. Attend seminars

Kaizen is an enduring Japanese business philosophy that has found widespread adoption across Western organizations. Kaizen can serve as an effective tool to both improve processes and increase productivity by eliminating waste through looking at the big picture while making small adjustments that collectively add up to significant improvements in quality, cost, time efficiency.

Employing the Kaizen methodology, teams of employees brainstorm to identify problems and find solutions. The process entails analyzing and mapping out both current and desired future states before identifying redundancies, defects and areas where improvements could be made with existing or new tools as well as methods of reducing Muda (waste).

At a Kaizen event, an action plan is developed for each issue and assigned to team members - this allows employees to utilize their best creative thinking towards solving obstacles that have hindered progress within an organization.

4. Take exams

Exams designed to make you Kaizen certified are one of the best ways to demonstrate that you possess all of the required skills and knowledge, giving you confidence to apply Kaizen principles within your workplace and make improvements which boost productivity.

This certification program is tailored for professionals interested in learning the KAIZEN operating philosophy and how it can create a culture of continuous improvement within an organization. Participants in the course gain insight into fundamental theories, tools and techniques of KAIZEN that foster an environment free from wasteful work practices.

It also equips participants to facilitate KAIZEN events and implement and sustain these changes for optimal performance. The course is delivered online using multi-media presentation techniques such as audio by Kaizen experts, examples of successful process improvement projects, interactive simulations and quizzes - self-paced to accommodate personal schedules with 13 hours minimum to finish at their own pace.