Floor Standing UV Air Purifier factory Our History Suzhou Hanbang sterilizer Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sales of air purification equipment and disinfection products with independent research and development. The main products are: ultraviolet sterilizer, plasma sterilizer, electrostatic precipitator air purifier, ozone sterilizer, ozone generator, bed unit disinfection machine, medical laminar air flow clean bench, medical purification screen, etc. series of disinfection products and air purification equipment . Our company has been exporting and selling through Alibaba for more than 6 years. During this period, we have participated in many domestic and foreign exhibitions. Our Product 1. Air purifier (sterilizer) 2. Ozone generator 3. laminar air flow clean bench Product Application 1. Indoor (family, company, other). 2. Medical 3. Industry 4. Warehouse (garage, industrial storage, etc.) 5. Public places 6. Scientific research institutions Our Certificate CE 2. ISO9001 3. FCC 4. Patents 5. Test report 6. Health and safety evaluation report Production Equipment 1. Laser cutting machine 2. Bending machine 3. Grinding and polishing machine 4. Welding machine 5. Baling press 6. Stamping equipment Production Market Asia, Europe, South AmericaFloor Standing UV Air Purifier factory website:http://www.sz-hanstat.com/