Yes, you will really get bomb-proof contacts and frames! Traveler sun glasses have presented their Haymaker selection which can be created from bomb evidence Grilamid materials. Mixing power, security and style in one package. But what is Grilamid? Grilamid is actually a clear polyamide that's processed applying thermoplastic methods. 

It is proposed if you wish to get the entire scientific notations for Grilamid, you look elsewhere as we're not researchers Nevertheless, one of the excellent properties of Grilamid is their lightness, provides excellent visibility, has large bend weakness power, impact resistant and climate resilient, can be coloured and has minimal flammability and is immune to compounds at conditions and to tension cracking occhiali ray ban state street .

The Grilamid used in structures and sunglass lenses not merely have great visual and mechanical attributes, they're also tolerant to injury from a large amount of normally corrosive chemicals. Grilamid is resilient to chips around at the very least 23 degrees centigrade following one minutes exposure from materials such as for example diesel and petrol energy, amido sulphuric acid (used as a descaling agent), acetone and butyl acetate to name but a few.

Traveler sun glasses are not the only add the Californian innovators who also produce glasses and apparel that are today produced in Italy. It is probably no surprise that they presented these activity influenced Haymaker sun cups given that the founders are activity and generator sports lovers!