There’s something so beautiful and timeless about heirloom wedding bands in Houston, TX. Right from their rich history and culture to their one-of-a-kind look and appeal, which makes them perfect pieces to propose with.


However, before you choose an heirloom band, there are certain etiquette tips you need to keep in mind.


Understand how your partner feels

While you may think that all people love heirloom lab grown diamonds in Houston, TX, this isn’t the case. Some brides prefer modern and trendy pieces which is why it’s important to understand their style and preferences and gauge the response.


You can show your partner a picture of the ring or even casually bring it up in conversation and see how they feel about it.


Consider the original setting of your piece

If you are looking to alter or resize the piece you can ask your professional how to go about this. While small changes like switching up the metal or side stones are great, most jewelers will not alter the piece as it can affect the value and integrity of the ring when reset.


Some jewelers will accept exchanges or returns in case the piece does not fit you so that you can choose another one you adore.


Explore the ring’s history

Make sure to ask your family or your jeweler about the history of the ring as it would be a fun story to pass along to your fiancé. You can even tell your future kids about this if you plan to pass it down as an heirloom piece.


Get it cleaned and appraised

Make sure to take your ring to jewelry designers in Houston, TX to clean, repair and appraise before you invest in it. Your professional will tighten the gemstone, clean the metal band, and check the setting to ensure that it’s secure and in good condition.


You can also ask if your jeweler can insure the piece for you so that you don’t need to worry about it if it gets lost or misplaced.


The Bottom Line

If you have your heart set on an heirloom ring but don’t have one in the family,you can always look for a vintage-inspired piece online or at your local jewelry store.


Make sure you head to a reliable and trusted professional that can offer you a range of high-end pieces at an affordable cost.