So, you’ve said yes to your partner, and you now have the engagement ring of your dreams. While you may want to wear your ring everywhere you go and even to bed, you need to give this another thought.


Wearing your diamonds in Houston, TX to bed isn’t such a good idea as your engagement ring is a precious piece and should be treated as one. When you sleep your ring can snag on clothing or get lost in the sheets.


Reasons not to wear your ring while sleeping

One of the main reasons not to wear your men’s wedding bands in Houston, TX to sleep is that your ring could snag on clothing, fabric, and even skin. This could loosen the prongs and cause your gemstone to fall out and get lost.


If you choose a soft gemstone like opals, moonstones, or pearls these stones are fragile and can easily crack or break. While durable gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies can take on daily wear and tear they can chip if you sleep or put a lot of pressure on them.


If you’re a big tosser and turner, you may hit your ring accidentally on the side or headboard of the bed. You may even put pressure on the ring causing it to lose its shape.


This can lead to small side and accent stones falling out and can even scratch your partner at night. While your local jewelry store in Houston, TX will advise you not to wear your ring at


In Summary

At the end of the day make sure that you take your diamond ring to a professional to clean, repair and maintain every six months. You can safely keep your ring in a trinket tray or box next to your bed and simply put it on when you wake up so that it stays safe.