Al Quran Al Kareem refers to the Supreme or Almighty, which is Allah. Al Quran al Kareem refers to the holy text of the Noble Quran, which is recited by Allah. He is also praised for his ability to forgive his disciples and continuously distribute bountiful resources beyond expectations!

The true meaning of Al Kareem Al Kareem is the one who is most generous and esteemed

He is also honourable and beneficent. Allah is Al-Kareem in His essence and is the source of all virtue and goodwill. He is the epitome of perfection and oneness. The marvel of His dealings and His creation is described wonderfully in the Quran.

How do you live by the name of Al Kareem?

  • One should be generous and maintain closeness with Allah. We should be generous about our belongings, attributes, time, and words and maintain closeness with Him.
  • Develop a close relationship with Al Quran al Kareem: Reading Allah’s book, the Quran, can enrich the mind, body, and soul. A devotee must open the Holy Book of Islam every day and read at least one ayah to seek Allah’s love and blessings.
  • Engage to spread the message of Islam: A devotee must recognise his ability as a human being that is bestowed upon him by Allah and use it regularly to benefit the Ummah and share the ayaat of the Quran by spreading the message of Islam in a beautiful and honourable manner to the non-Islamic people.
  • Study about Al-Kareem: Learning about Allah, His names and attributes, and obeying Him continuously is beneficial for your wellbeing.

Mushaf Madinah al Quran al Kareem is the Holy Text of the Quran, hardbound with a detailed golden calligraphy book cover, containing all the teachings of the Supreme Allah verbatim. The text is used in mosques in Makkah and Madinah for prayer.
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