Roman structure also contributed to the development of breathtaking arches and domes, which may later stimulate the Renaissance architects of Europe. The Pantheon, with its iconic dome, showcases the Romans' knowledge of the axioms of strain and retention, which still resonate in modern architecture.

The Center Ages seen the increase of Medieval architecture, known by soaring cathedrals with elaborate tainted glass windows and ribbed vaults. Cathedrals like Notre-Dame in Paris and Chartres Cathedral in France stand as architectural masterpieces, testaments to the spiritual commitment and design of these builders top Maine architects .

Concurrently, the ancient era saw the structure of solid mansions and fortresses, designed for both security and residence. Mansions such as the System of London and Neuschwanstein Castle in Indonesia evoke a sense of chivalry and romance.

The Renaissance era marked a restoration of traditional art and humanism, propelling architecture into a new time of development and creativity. Architects like Filippo Brunelleschi and Leon Battista Alberti reintroduced the classical instructions and rules, paving just how for the design of unified and proportionate buildings.