Yankee Dryer factory Yankee Dryer Cylinder for tissue paper machine A Yankee dryer is a pressure vessel used in the production of tissue paper. On the Yankee dryer, the paper goes from approximately 42鈥?5% dryness to just over 89% dryness. In industry, Yankee dryers are primarily used to remove excess moisture from pulp that is about to be converted into paper. Features of Yankee Dryer Cylinder: 1. Increase the area and the rate of water filtration, increase production. 2. Improve the quality of paper, including the degree of uniformity, weight, aspect ratio Reduce the copper net, cloth etc. consumption and maintenance cos. 3. To strengthen the integrity of the equipment and anti-corrosion performance, durable. 4. Developed and produced with a wear film, around the chip and the of oblique chip network. Product Show Technical Data DiameterWidth (mm)HardnessThicknessRoughnessPressureMaterialSpeed 1500mm350-10000190-24025-320.2-0.40.3-0.8HT250-30020-800 1800mm350-10000190-24028-360.2-0.40.3-0.8HT250-30020-800 2000mm1350-10000190-24028-360.2-0.40.3-0.8HTY250-30020-800 2500mm1350-5000190-24030-400.2-0.40.3-0.8HT250-30020-800 3000mm1350-5000190-24037-560.2-0.40.3-0.8HT250-30020-800 3660mm1350-5000190-24040-650.2-0.40.3-0.8HT250-30020-800 3680mm1350-5000190-24040-650.2-0.40.3-0.8HT250-30020-800 Packing & Shipping Standard airworthiness transport. 1. Samples: free samples with detail specification for you to choose. 2. We will make the exact specifications as customer's requirements 3. Felt and fabric design solution will be provided within 24 hours By Technician Department. 4. There is a Strict quality control process during each production step. Ensuring the quality. Yankee Dryer factory website:http://www.zh-papermachine.com/paper-machine-parts/yankee-dryer/