In recent years a lot of brides have moved away from natural diamonds and towards lab grown diamonds in Houston, TX. Lab diamonds have the same chemical, aesthetic, and optical qualities as natural diamonds with the exception of being made in a lab.

These diamonds are made using carbon-neutral equipment which allows you to maintain a lower carbon footprint. Unlike natural diamonds, these gemstones are eco-friendly making them ideal for eco-conscious brides.

Reasons to choose lab grown diamonds

One of the main reasons why a lot of brides tend to prefer lab-made wedding bands in Houston, TX is that these gemstones are much more affordable even at larger carat sizes.

Since lab-made stones don’t need to be distributed, shipped, and transported across long distances like natural diamonds, they are much more costeffective.

These diamonds are also flawless and unlike natural stones don’t have any flaws or tiny imperfections offering their wearer beautiful shine and fire. You can now get your diamond in just a matter of weeks compared to natural diamonds that take millions of years to form.


Your local jewelry designers in Houston, TX will tell you that lab-made diamonds are fully traceable, unlike mined diamonds which can be tough to trace. Lab diamonds are as durable and tough as natural diamonds making them great for daily wear.


Caring for your diamond is also easy. All you need to do is simply take it to a jeweler once a year to clean, repair, and maintain it. That way, it will look new and shiny for years to come.


In Conclusion

These diamonds look the same as natural diamonds and only professionals can tell them apart. Always get your diamond certified and insured before you leave the store along with being appraised.