“You don't want to be bent, right? Lin chang`an student?
A young girl with a delicate face asked.
Some scenes immediately appeared in the mind of Lin Chang`an. A fat person 100 kg? A 50 -year -old aunt? Or a girl
Girls with normal appearance are always blindly confident in her appearance? He hurriedly shook his head.
"So, what is your decision after consideration?"
The young girl pushed a contract on the table towards Lin Chang`an.
[Personal support contract]
The SFEs look at the contract in front of him and sighed softly. He felt a bit disappointed and frustrated.
What kind of useless parallel world is?
Why did they live well when others, but to him, he went to such a place?
Three years ago, he went to this world. At first he thought that he could rely on the content of the novel, the song
And the movie in his head to quickly become famous.
Even if he couldn't, at least he could become an online famous person.
Finally, he found out that this was a world filled with spiritual energy where people cultivate.
Strong spiritual practitioners can flip the mountains and flip the river by bare hands.
The beast also because of the spirit that varies. Their blood evolved and therefore they had terrifying strength.
At the same time, the world experienced a major change. Diseases such as black fog and bewildered dreams
Currently, there are also opportunities like Sao and Dark Caves.
Moreover, science and technology in this world even became more advanced, and their social structure has experienced.
A giant transformation of earthquake.
To combat the invasion of black fog and ghosts, and explore the dungeons, most countries
Promulgating compulsory birth laws.

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That's because the human population is the key to the survival of the species.
Article 22 of the mandatory birth law of Xia stipulates that all those who do not pass the unified examination of
They will be forced to pair to participate in reproductive missions.
The unified exam is also the university entrance exam.