Despite the fact that Weibo is still a relatively new social media platform, many celebrities have already found their niche in the platform. Here are a few examples of the celebrities that are doing quite well in the Weibo daily entertainment circle.

'VHA's promo video has already attracted thousands of followers

Having a top-notch social media strategy is no mean feat in today's business environment. From hash tagged tweets to ad hoc networking and retweeting, it's no wonder social media has become a staple of the modern workplace. Even a few select universities are jumping on the social bandwagon, with Duke and Michigan among them. The university's Twitter account is a well-oiled machine, with more than 3,000 followers and the campus has seen its fair share of tweets, retweets and ad hoc networking shindigs. It's not surprising that the VHA's Twitter account is now one of the fastest growing accounts in the university's history. If you're looking to expand your sphere of influence, a social media strategy is a must.

Jiang Yu gained nearly 5 million yuan revenue from Weibo

During the third batch of Weibo sales, Jiang Yu received nearly 5 million yuan in revenue. Jiang Yi Lei and He Jong also made it into the list. Jiang Yi Lei is known for imitating famous people and celebrities. In addition, her videos are often centered on the frustrations of young urban women. She also uses vulgar language in her performances.

Jiang Yi Lei has 11 million followers on Sine Weibo. In addition, she is a graduate from China's Central Academy of Drama. She also has a lot of fans on Japanese forums. She is very popular in the boys' love fan fiction communities.

Papa Jiang started posting videos in October 2015. Her videos often center on the frustrations of young urban women. Many of her videos have been removed by China's censorship.

Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An are really together

Despite the hype surrounding it, the reality of Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An are really together on Weibo's daily entertainment circle is still very much in doubt. The "groups of vertical and horizontal" program group slapped together a promo video for propaganda purposes, but did not have any high expectations for the result. However, the video did the "tah-dah" by attracting tens of thousands of "fans" in the first half hour.

There is more to a sappy video than just slapped together gimmicks, however. It is not surprising that the video has elicited an impressive array of fan theories and speculations. It seems that the "Groups of Vertical and Horizontal" program group is not the only one in town attempting to boost the Weibo count.