During the Battle of the Three Kingdoms, Su Yin's swordsmanship was a big factor in the victory of the Kingdom of the Yellow Dragon over the mighty Dragon Emperor. It was her determination to defend the Kingdom that led to her successful defeat of the dragon. However, her victory was short-lived. It was later discovered that Su Yin had made a mistake.

Yuen Qi's piercing eyes

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Peng Fang's switch of allegiance

During the Warring States period, a new hegemon, Peng Fang, was established. His benevolent policies may have been based on imperial rhetoric. However, he did not fully embrace Shu subjects.

In order to make his new kingdom a stronghold, he invaded East Chua and conquered Xing yuan. He also extended the northern border of his kingdom up to Qianlong Mountain. He also began a campaign to unify the Three Chua. However, he was rarely resisted by Shu subjects.

Wang Jian was an early leader of the Three Chua. He had great ambitions, and had no interest in settling for a small domain. He also recognized the importance of the local economy. He often accepted Confucian advice to focus on the livelihood of people.

In order to protect the Shu, he appointed a number of advisers. They warned against war. They also enumerated the potential dangers Shu might face. They believed that further intrusion into strategic Jing nan would set off a chain reaction.