Gigi Lolo is an opening talent for Superstars Live in London. She is one of the best and most talented performers on the stage, and she's definitely one to watch out for.

  1. Lea Michele

Despite all the rumors, Lea Michele has been quietly dating former gigolo Matthew Paetz for the last several months. They have been seen holding hands in New York. However, Lea has kept the relationship a secret and doesn't reveal it to the public.

Matthew is a certified life coach, and charges $6000 for a weekend. He also charges $350 for an hour. He also appears in a music video as an extra. He is also a certified massage therapist. However, he does not have a role in Funny Girl, and is not Lea's boyfriend.

  1. Nick Jonas

Besides being the heir to his pop's throne, Nick Jonas is also a talented songwriter, albeit the youngest of three siblings. He also has the distinction of being the only member of his band to go on tour solo. His latest album, This Is Your Life, contains the most impressive collection of songs to date. He also has a burgeoning love interest in Macy Misa.

Nick is actually quite a nice guy. He gets along with his fellow musicians, and his eldest brother, Kevin. He does not like to admit it, but he is also a sucker for a good time. During one such excursion, Nick falls into the sea and learns the hard way that he has a new squeeze.

  1. Rihanna

During a live show in Los Angeles on Sunday, pop star Rihanna announced that she'll open the talent super gigolo for the 2023 Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show. She also alluded to the news on Instagram. She's been performing in the show for five years, but has never been one of the headliners. The last time she performed, she was accompanied by Maxwell, Burna Boy, and Anitta. In the show, she also introduced her new dancer, Don Toliver. She enlisted a number of celebrities, dancers, and musical acts to appear in the show.

  1. Justin Bieber

Earlier this year, Justin Bieber started the Justice World Tour to support his latest album, Justice. The tour is set to stop in 20 countries, including five continents. The tour will run until March 25, 2023. It features a 24-song set list full of hits from Justin Bieber's earlier career as well as songs from his latest project. It's also got impressive props and wardrobe changes to impress fans. The tour will feature special guests such as Harry Hudson, Eddie Benjamin and JADEN. The tour will be supported by T-Mobile and AEG.