Is CBD or cannabinoids-based medication legal in India?

About Vijaya in Medical Practices

Medical cannabis, also known as Vijaya, boasts a multitude of healing properties. However, its incredible health advantages have largely been overlooked by the contemporary world. The negative image of this plant as a dangerous entryway substance arises from its association with recreational use, resulting in a widespread societal stigma. As time passed, the unveiling of data from reliable sources such as scientific investigations and clinical studies, along with encouraging anecdotal evidence, has shifted public perception towards a more favorable stance on Vijaya. Let's explore the remarkable attributes of the cannabis plant and examine how this change in societal attitude has impacted the legal status of this herb in India.

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The Significance of Vijaya in Medical Practices

Vijaya, a highly esteemed herb in Ayurveda, has been utilized for its medicinal properties for centuries. It is widely referenced in numerous ancient scriptures and Ayurvedic texts, such as the Vedas and the Sushruta Samhita, as well as texts dating back to before 1000 CE. To truly grasp the prominence and legal aspects of cannabis in India, it's essential to dive into its rich historical and medicinal roots. With references dating back to the Hindu Vedas and Atharva Veda around 2000 BCE, or possibly even earlier, cannabis has long held significance in the country. Notably, renowned Siddha practitioner Korakkar extensively used this versatile plant for its myriad healing properties. A multitude of global researchers and institutions have carried out extensive clinical trials and studies to examine the hemp plant's effectiveness and safety. They discovered that this extraordinary herb boasts impressive analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, it has been shown to alleviate conditions like mental health issues, digestive issues, sexual health issues, etc. Due to these remarkable benefits, contemporary medical professionals and healthcare experts are progressively recommending Vijaya to their patients. This powerful herb provides relief from various acute and chronic health issues while also managing their symptoms safely and holistically.

Delving into the Intriguing Legal History of Vijaya in India

Laws surrounding the hemp plant and its cannabis-derived medicine counterparts can be quite diverse, varying on a country-to-country basis in matters of cultivation, dissemination, and application. Nations such as Argentina, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and several regions in the US (37 states and 4 territories) have given the green light to the medicinal use of Vijaya. Despite having legalized cannabis-based medicine in recent times, India's relationship with the herb has been rather complicated—particularly following attempts by British authorities to ban it. In 1961, the international treaty Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs defined 'cannabis' as the blooming and fruit-bearing parts of the hemp plant and categorized it as a potent narcotic. The 1985 Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) laid down parallel guidelines, restricting the use of Vijaya's resin and flowers while permitting its leaves and seeds. Interestingly, cultivating Vijaya for industrial and horticultural applications remains legal in India. Worth noting is that low-THC-content herb cultivation and scientific and medical research have consistently received a supportive nod from the Indian government. It's also important to recognize that legislation concerning this herb diverges across various states within India.

The Turning Point

In 2015, a year after its inception, the Great Legalization Movement of India held captivating medical cannabis conferences in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore. Their goal was to shed light on the underestimated therapeutic properties of Vijaya and work towards changing the legal landscape surrounding this plant. As time went on, a growing number of Lok Sabha MPs and ministers voiced their support for legalizing Vijaya. They aimed to revise the NDPS Act to enable medical access under proper supervision and regulations. On December 9, 2020, India cast its vote supporting the removal of Vijaya from the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs during a United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) meeting. The majority of countries agreed with this perspective, and the resolution passed. In March 2021, Himachal Pradesh's Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur revealed that government plans were underway to introduce regulated cultivation and usage of Vijaya within the state. At last, in January 2022, India's Central Government confirmed to the Delhi High Court that medical usage of Vijaya was allowed in the country. They also granted State Governments the authority to oversee licensing, management, and regulation of the cultivation, production, manufacturing, transport, import/export, sale/purchase, and consumption of Vijaya-based products for industrial, horticultural, scientific, and medical applications.

 Final Thoughts

Various medications are crafted with varying levels of cannabinoids to suit the specific health concerns they target. Consequently, there's no risk of overdosing on these compounds, as the body utilizes only the necessary amount. In order to fully unlock Vijaya's immense potential for addressing physical and mental health troubles, it's crucial to seek proper guidance from top-notch Ayurvedic practitioners and understand the correct dosage. At Cannabryl, you have access to highly skilled Ayurvedic experts from all over India who will curate a customized treatment plan designed to holistically improve your well-being. If you're looking to purchase medicinal cannabis in India, it's essential to connect with reputable and ethical cannabis medicine producers like Cannabryl by Indogenix Biosciences. In a nutshell, medicinal cannabis is indeed legal in India.

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