Emirates allows its passengers to manage their booking in case the original plan changes or they want to make some modifications. To begin, one can visit the Emirates website and then access the Emirates manage booking option. The whole process is discussed further in the article; walk through it to see how it works. 

Let's check out the step-by-step method to Manage your booking with the Emirates 

  • Visit the Emirates webpage online, log in to your account 
  • For those who don't have an account, go to the "manage my booking' option 
  • Enter the confirmation reference code, last name, and other details, and click on the search 
  • Select the itinerary you wish to manage, click on 'Change/ Cancel' booking 
  • Make the required modifications based on your preference and confirm it
  • Pay for the fare difference and charges on the payments page and proceed
  • Follow the instructions running to complete the manage booking process 

Following are the modifications you can do with Emirates manage booking options 

Here are certain changes that you can perform using the Emirates Manage My Booking options: 

  • Change the name, date, time, upgrade seat, etc
  • Rebook the cancelled Emirates flight 
  • Modify Contact details in the booking 
  • Add seats, baggage, sports equipment, etc

Conclusion: By walking through the details, you must have learned how Emirates manage my booking works. In case you have doubts about anything you can also get help from the Emirates customer support team. They can help you with the modifications and guide you in case you are stuck at some point.