Recently 70-year-old Burke Porter Group rebranded as Ascential Technologies, uniting 18 brands across medical & life sciences, transportation, and specialty Industrial end markets. The company’s mission is to play an “Ascential” role for customers throughout the product life cycle, especially when quality and safety matter most.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Jeffrey Moss, who assumed the role of CEO at Ascential Technologies a little over a year ago. During our conversation, we discussed the company’s strategic direction, its commitment to innovation, and the key drivers fueling its future growth.

How does Ascential Technologies build and maintain trust with its customers, and what sets the company apart as a trusted partner?

Our vision is to become the most trusted business partner for our customers, guiding and expediting their journey from product innovation to full-scale commercialization. Our commitment to quality and are of paramount importance is essential to our operational philosophy.

When we are building a lasting relationship with our customers, we look to understand them, offer tangible value, and deliver exceptional customer service. This requires going into the minds of your customers, uncovering their preferences, and discerning the driving forces that motivate them. This understanding empowers us to help customers go to market quickly with their exact specifications.

We believe our focused commitment to enhancing our customers’ ‘speed to launch” for their disruptive complex medical will allow Ascential’s growth to exceed the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of the device market. Further, our expertise in high-growth subsectors such as drug-device combination products and point-of-care devices provides Ascential with the opportunity to serve our customers on their most critical products.

what are the company’s future plans and goals as Ascential Technologies? 

Ascential Technologies is driven by a straightforward yet powerful mission: our unwavering commitment to delighting our customers and empowering them to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries. We firmly believe that our success is intricately tied to the success of our clients – we thrive when they do.

Our mission is to leverage the power of science and technology to enhance lives. Central to our mission is the relentless pursuit of automating manual workflows, a driving force behind most of our engineering and manufacturing endeavors. Through these efforts, we are not just optimizing operations; we are also contributing significantly to the creation of a safer society.

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